Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: They’re back! A gallery of open-borders extremists

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They’re back! A gallery of open-borders extremists: Malkin
I Give Up on Michael Steele: RWN
Obama plays 'race card' in call for 2010 support?: Hot Air

The Arizona Uproar: AT
Obama’s irresponsible stance on Arizona’s immigration bill: DC
Changing the Debate: R&R


Wow: Dems Hid ObamaCare Costs From Public 'Til After Vote!: GWP
Oops: White House admits there are death panels: Patterico
Ban the Income Tax!: AT

House Democrats, Out on Limb for Obamacare, Hear Snap!: NRO
14 Fatal Flaws in the Dodd Finance Regulation Bill: Wizbang
One Hundred Sixty Five Thousand Words: Protein Wisdom

Climate & Energy

You Voted For Control – Well Done, Shmucks: iOTW
Meltdown of the climate-change bill: Times
Global Warming & Profiteering in the Obama Administration: PJTV


Hate-Filled Fringe Wingnuts Make Death Threats, Incite Violence: Ace
Machiavelli shreds op-ed by Pelosi's cabana boy: Virtuous Republic
FreedomWorks’ hate mail over Geico firing quite nuanced indeed: Hot Air

But…I don’t have a birth certificate, school or employment records–you know, like the president?: Cold Fury
Olbermann hypocrisy machine strikes again: Sister Toldjah
School Choice and the Limits of Liberal Jewish Compassion: AT


Iran's Secret Uranium Deal with Zimbabwe: PJM
5 Arguments Republicans Should Use Against Obama’s Immigration Bill: RWN
Evidence: Yes, Abu Talhah al Amrike Really Did Threaten South Park Creators: Jawa

South Park Matters: AT
Anti-Catholicism, Again: The permanent scandal of the Vatican: WklyStd
National Security Adviser Archie Bunker: RSM


Germans design "hands free" car steering system based on eye movement: Ace
Cops Bust Into Gizmodo Editor's Home And Seize Computers, Documents In iPhone Probe: Insider


2nd Amendment Poster o' the Day: RWN
Video: inside a truck as it is overturned by Mississippi tornado: BlogProf
Threatened critters and their natural defense mechanisms: Furious

Image: EuropeNews
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QOTD: "The Service Employees International Union of Nevada wants state legislative candidates who'll get behind federal bills to end secret-ballot union elections, provide amnesty to illegal immigrants and nationalize health care... The union lobbying strategy for 2011 and beyond is obvious: When the tax money is handed out, mimic the animated seagulls in "Finding Nemo" by squawking "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

Voters need to pay attention to these endorsements and understand what candidates must say to get them. Republicans must not only avoid the endorsements, but produce ads that trash the Democrats who win them.

In 2010, the support of public employee unions won't be a badge of honor for candidates -- it will be a disgrace." -- Glenn Cook


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