Thursday, April 29, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Subsistence is the new definition of freedom

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You must accept subsistence as the new definition of freedom: AT
Statehood for Puerto Rico? Why?: RWN
Brandeis breaks out the swastika for Tea Partiers: Graham

Campaign Finance Transparency for Thee, but Not for… Dems: PJM
Obama and big sis call out SWAT on Tea Party: GWP
Dems replay May 2006 tactic: Anchoress


The Ghetto-ification of America: PJM
How Much is Needed to Bail Out Greece? $159B? $794B?: Mish
Dems illegally lower speed limits to raise money: BlogProf

Washington's tax hike charade: Tapscott
Hoyer demands 'shared sacrifice' from taxpayers: GWP
Medicare head: 'Less discretion for doctors' preferred: SIGIS

Climate & Energy

The ClimateGate Investigation: a Damning Document: AT
Dept. of Redundancy Dept.: AGW Causes Mental Illness: CBullitt
Worried about sea level, Gore buys $8.8 million ocean-view villa: LAT


Free Home: Denny
Right-Wing Bloggers Are Rugged Individualists, Left-Wing Bloggers Need Hand Holding: LegalIns
They don't get it: iOTW

Censure Andre Carson: Cashill
Media Spinning Against New Arizona Law for All It’s Worth: RWN
Actual AP headline: 'Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Ariz. law': Hot Air


Police state: How Mexico treats illegal aliens: Malkin
Iran's lunatic, terrorist-sponsoring dictator will be welcomed in New York:
Nuclear-armed mullahs are not an option: Obama needs to stop looking the other way: Issa, et. al.

How Hamas Tortures Gaza: Frontpage
The Female Face of France: Banned Beneath the Burqa: Chesler
MEPs vote to asphyxiate London: Hannan


Why HP Is Buying Palm And Why It Will Fail: Insider
Shanzhai Lamborghini by a post-80s Chinese: Chinahush
Salt Tyrants: Williams


MOTUS' mailbag: MOTUS
Shakira to Save Hispanics in Arizona Through the Use of Her Hips: ReelLoop
The Clinton Record: Denny

Image: Michael Graham.
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QOTD: Regarding Greece, action "has to be done now, has to be done very fast... It’s not a question of the danger of contagion. Contagion has already happened. This is like Ebola. When you realize you have it you have to cut your leg off in order to survive."

-- Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Secretary General Angel Gurria


Phil said...

Is this the Brandeis link?

As of Apr 29, 4:20 EST, the Nazi symbol is not there, nor is the link mentioning the Tea Party.

Phil said...

A coverup?
In case the link got cut off: