Sunday, April 18, 2010

Young Democrat Socialists Honor Noam Chomsky, Decry "Teabagger Fascism"... While Simultaneously Condemning the Murderous "Jewish Disease"

Chris Maisano, a member of the "Young Democrat Socialists of America", describes the latest secretion from decrepit leftist Noam Chomsky.

"I'm just old enough to have heard a number of Hitler's speeches on the radio," [Chomsky] said, "and I have a memory of the texture and the tone of the cheering mobs, and I have the dread sense of the dark clouds of fascism gathering" here at home.

Chomsky was speaking to more than 1,000 people at the Orpheum Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin, where he received the University of Wisconsin's A.E. Havens Center's award for lifetime contribution to critical scholarship.

"The level of anger and fear is like nothing I can compare in my lifetime," he said.

Readers added their own perspectives. The aptly named hayate says that Chomsky isn't radical enough:

The media gives space to the neo-cons as they are the zionist sponsored batch and the most extreme of the teabaggers. They are also as phony as the fundy Christian movement, another zionist started and lead fascist movement to promote zionist policy. The neo-con teabaggers' purpose is to give zionist puppet obama and his merry corporate welfare crew some opposition to fool the wad with...

Really nasty opposition, whom obama & co. will look progressive against. You see, that's how zionists maintain their political control over the wad. They put rightwing up against far right fringies and call that political diversity. It's all a crock of shite. The dangerous fascists in the usa, the ones with the real power to actually do things, are the zionists and their puppets who are at the root of all this rubbish. But you wont hear chomsky mention them. And we all know why, by now. What chomsky is doing is naming some of the symptoms of this known disease while hiding what disease it is and what its cause is. Not very honest, and not very bright, either. It's like busting charles manson's crew and leaving manson free to walk the streets. Each time I hear chomsky talk or read something from him, he loses more of my respect and I don't have much of that left for him now. That's quite a loss of confidence, considering back in the 80's, I probably respected the man more than any other in his field.

The "right wing" believes in the Constitution: the rule of God's law and equality of opportunity for all mankind, no matter the race, religion or creed.

The "left wing" believes in the rule of man: a small set of master planners who claim to have the ability to organize others' lives.

The fascists, socialists, Marxists, communists and other statists are of the left. They believe in the power of the state, not the individual. They reject the Declaration and the Constitution. They reject our founding principles. They reject thousands of years of human experience.

Liberalism is the ideology of the stupid. They appear to be incapable of learning, of understanding history. Of using facts, logic and reason.

Fortunately, there's more of us than them. For now.

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Bones said...

"The "right wing" believes in the Constitution: the rule of God's law and equality of opportunity for all mankind, no matter the race, religion or creed.

The "left wing" believes in the rule of man: a small set of master planners who claim to have the ability to organize others' lives."

Sums it it very well!!

Clefnote said...

"The Jewish disease" you cite in this piece's headline was from some online poster, it had nothing to do with Chomsky, or any of the democratic socialist youth. That's shoddy, and misleading.

directorblue said...

Hey, Clownboy, I mean Clefnote:

That's why I separated out the comment and said "readers added their own remarks".

Note that not one commenter complained about the virulent hatred emanating from this moonbat.

Welcome to the modern Left!

Anonymous said...

Who knew that God wrote the constitution ! ?
German facism was in fact an ultra conservative political movement ! Hitler was commited to the preservation of private property,the persecution of gays,the disabled and others considered to be non- productive.To say that facism is a leftist movement shows a gross lack of knowledge !


directorblue said...


The Nazis (the National Socialist Democrats) were of the Far Left. They used a fascist version of socialism to advance their agenda. This study of the subject from Lawrence University confirms it.

Put simply, leftism squarely assigns more power to the state; rightism assigns more power to the individual. On the one end of the former scale is despotism; on the other end is anarchy.

Hitler said himself of Nazism:

I have learned a great deal from Marxism, as I do not hesitate to admit. The difference between them and myself is that I have really put into practice what these peddlers and penpushers have timidly begun...I had only to develop logically what Social Democracy repeatedly failed in because of its attempt to realize its evolution within the framework of democracy. National Socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have broken its absurd and artificial ties with the democratic order.

(Hitler to Rauschning, The Voice of Destruction, pg. 186).

Anonymous said...

The slave traders claimed they were doing the will of the same god which todays right claims to believe in.The left can take credit for the abolishment of slavery,the civil rights movement,voting rights for females,minimum wage laws,the forty hour work week,and practicaly every other facet of modern life which makes life as we know it now more bearable than it was for people during the guilded and preguilded age.It was not to terribly long ago that children in this nation slaved away in sweatshops and people who owed money often found themselves in debtors prison.these are things the conservitive right can take credit for !

directorblue said...

James, you are really quite desperately in need for education.

The Republican Party was created to defeat slavery.

The Republican Party was the party of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Republican Party ramrodded Civil Rights legislation through Congress over the objections of Robert Byrd (former KKK-member, D-WV) and Al Gore Sr. (D-TN).

The Republican Party is the party of liberty. The Democrat Leftists are the party of big government, taxation, tyranny and slavery.

Always has been.

Read a history book.

Anonymous said...

Some people will not admit when they are wrong! The ''republicans''opposed to slavery were not the republicans of today;at least not when definend by political idiology.It is fairly common knowledge that the republican party of the civil war era was in effect more like todays democrats than todays republicans.Besides this tidbit of info,in my earlier posts I intentionaly declinend to speak of democrats and or republicans while pointing out the facts that the German facists adhered mostly to right wing conservitive idiology,''not to leftist idiology''and that leftist idiology is responsible for ending slavery,child labor,''in the US anyway''giving females the right to vote,time and half pay,establishment of the forty hour work week,work place safety regulations, medicare,medicaid and a host of other needed laws,regulations,benifits and programs which have made the lives of most Americans more livable than in the past.

In 1900 poverty in the US was epidemic.In fact,for the average American, this nation was essentialy a third world country.Although there was a tremendous amount of wealth in America,that wealth belonged to a small minority of persons,many of whom were the people we now refer to as the robber barons.They were called robber barons simply because their wealth was accumulated at the expense,''which in some cases included life''of millions of ordinary Americans.We should not forget either the brutal repression and persecution of tens of thousands of working Americans which took place at the pleasure of the industrial barons.During the guilded age it was fairly common for the police and even the military to employ deadly force against striking workers,''and even their families''.Not only was it common for government forces to be employed against working class families,private security and paramilitary units were commonly orderd to bring an end to strikes via the use of deadly force.The use of deadly force against striking workers took place at the will of the robber barons and the right wing government officials whom the barons virtualy ownend.Indeed the right wants small government untill they desire big,powerfull and brutal government to accomplish for them the things big government can accomplish more effeciantly than the private sector.It is primarly due to the democratic,''not the party''struggle of left leaning Americans that today the average American is no longer doomed to a life of total submission to the ambitions of the elite robber barons,''however thanks to the ''neoliberal''''not true liberal''globalist movement ,working class Americans are once again facing gross exploitation at the hands of the super wealthy elite.Once again the common people of America are in danger of becoming more like citizens of the third world thanks to the greed of the financial elite coupled with the misguided worship of the so called free market on behalf of the conservitive right.

directorblue said...

So the party of Martin Luther King, Jr., the party that created the Civil Rights movement, the party that was formed to eradicate the scourge of slavery -- the Rebublican Party -- has to pander to each race, religion and creed? Bulls***!

We conservatives love Lt. Col. Alan West, author Lloyd Marcus, NBRA founder Frances Rice and pundit Alfonzo Rachel not because they are Black, but because they are conservatives.

These men and women are heroes to the conservative movement because they believe in our founding document and our highest law.

These men and women don't represent a "Party of No", they lead the "Party of 'No, You Will Not Violate Our Beloved Constitution!'"

The ultimate big tent is the Constitution. It provides the fabric that supports freedom, opportunity and helped create the most magnificent society ever seen on Earth. The Constitution undergirds the free market; the very same free market that this rogue Democrat Congress and this President are destroying. They are trying to replace our amazing system of government with a failed version of Statism that can't succeed and has, in fact, never succeeded. They are violating every tenet of our founding and contravening the Constitution.

Did America's founders break away from an authoritarian, centralized government for this? Hell, no!

The free market is the most color-blind system of all. The truck driver does not know the racial backgrounds of the manufacturer of the goods he conveys. The airline pilot does not know the color of the people who produced the jet fuel his aircraft consumes. The baker doesn't know the religion of those who end up eating his cakes.

Nor do they care!

Today in America, Blacks prosper at every level of American life from the Presidency on down. In every facet of society, Blacks and other minorities have thrived: in politics, on Wall Street, in Hollywood, in athletics, in academia; anywhere that they have endeavored to succeed, they've done so.

Because the only color the free market cares about is green.

If a Black person, an Asian, a Mexican, a Native American, a Catholic, a Jew, a Baptist, a Buddhist, or anyone encounters prejudice in our society, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with that person to fight it. As would almost every American. Because that behavior is antithetical to our founding.

This leftist race-baiting is destructive. How's that Great Society working out, yo?

How's this for racism: did you know that if you control for single-parent families, there's no difference between the races when it comes to the prison population?

The Democrats' destructive policies give with one hand while enslaving with the other. Endless welfare programs promote single-parent families. Single-parent families lead to violent crime. Violent crime leads to more poverty, more single-parent families, more dependency.

The cycle continues on and on, supported and promoted by the race-baiters in the Democrat Party. And, through it all, our economy grows weaker, deficits grow higher, and the private sector gets smaller.

Our tent is the biggest of all tents. Because we're in the freedom camp, while the radical leftists push ever closer to tyranny and enslavement.

blinxwang said...

Oh boy, here we go again.
The political spectrum is NOT, I repeat, NOT just a left-right spectrum. It goes up-down as well, taking the form of an XY-axis graph. The more up you go, the more authoritarian you are, the lower you go, the more anarchistic you are. Plotted with this new spectrum, Chomsky and many other skeptics like him fall in the lower left corner, making them anti-authoritarian leftists. For more reference on this chart visit
The entire right wing believes in the rule of Social Darwinism and Money, preferably in the form of gold. They do not give two craps about freedom; they only want to accumulate the labor of their lackeys in order to enrich themselves. On one hand you have your right-wing authoritarians who believe that the State should play a major role in this process and run a protection racket for moneyed interests. On the other, you have your libertarian capitalists who want to do away with the State altogether in order to give the people the illusion of freedom; as Mikhail Bakunin once said these vulgar libertarians "give the masses, out of ridicule, every semblance of freedom and political right so as to reserve the right exclusively for themselves" because they own all the means of production.
The left consists of two factions: Statist socialists and communists and their Anarchist counterparts. The Bolsheviks are a prime example of the tyranny statist leftists inflict on the population; mirroring that of their right-wing counterparts. I trust you do not need any examples of that. But the Anarchist leftists recognize that the State and the Corporations are both the problem; that these two institutions inflict most, if not all, of the harm society experiences. They, unlike the Statist Leftists, do not want or need a State solution to the corporate problem; they rightly believe that it is the duty of the people to disobey and strike on a massive scale and emancipate themselves from the yoke of Capital without any leadership or hierarchy of any kind in and after the process. They also believe that in order to usurp State tyranny, they must use the same tactics and co-operate through directly democratic processes, all the while making the process completely voluntary. Chomsky falls into this camp of "traditional Anarchists" as does Emma Goldman, Howard Zinn, George Orwell, and many other great philosophers and intellectuals; they are concerned not with disorder and chaos, but *better* order, equality, well-being, and organization through the lack of the state and capitalism.
You have made the mistake of lumping the entire left-wing under a single banner and wrongly giving the right wing the honor of "the sole arbiter of liberty, equality, and fraternity". The anti-authoritarian left is the true holder of this belief, one that proclaims "No gods, no masters; Only man and his natural spirit of creativity, ingenuity, and solidarity."