Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mark Levin brutalizes Bill Clinton, Pelosi, Reid and Obama, asking: which philosophers inspire the modern Democrats?

Last night, Mark Levin shredded the modern Democrat Party (MP3) with a stunningly frank question: while the conservatives stand on the shoulder of the founders, which philosophers inspire the likes of Clinton, Pelosi, Reid and Obama?

Bill Clinton said the other day that this isn't the Boston Tea Party. This isn't the Boston Tea Party -- we actually have legitimate representatives. Yes, we do -- [but they're] doing illegitimate things.

The individual mandate under the health care bill is worse than what the [British] Crown did to the Colonists with The Stamp Act. It's worse! The Stamp Act was a tax! The individual mandate is an effort to undermine the Constitution, to change the relationship between the citizen and his government, and to destroy individual liberty.

God knows we have enough Stamp Acts around here. We have taxes on everything we do! Everything we buy... all our services. This government has gone too far. It's gone way too far. I don't think the Founding Fathers would sit silently. Matter of fact, I know they wouldn't.

So you are operating, organizing, speaking out in the grandest traditions of this nation. You stand on the shoulders... of the people who established this society.

So I ask you: who does Clinton and Obama and Pelosi and Reid... whose shoulders do they stand on? Not one of the Founding Fathers, not one. They stand on the shoulders of... well, certain philosophers and ideologues from foreign lands. The Fabians, the Fascists, the Marxists, some mix of that -- whatever. Those are not the Founding Fathers. Those are not the people who wrote and adopted the Declaration of Independence and, later, the Constitution.

You see, what Obama and Clinton and Pelosi and Reid and the rest of them are advancing is an alien ideology. Alien to this nation. You have to reject the Declaration of Independence and you have to reject the Constitution to embrace it, because they cannot coexist.

They reject natural law and the laws of God, as the Declaration of Independence asserts. What they embrace is man-made law and man-made brute force. That's why you hear them mocking us, intimidating us, defaming us.

What really does Obama stand for? Or Clinton? Or Pelosi? Or Reid? How do they define what they stand for? What are limits of what they stand for?

Who are their great philosophical heroes? Well, it's none of the ones we embrace, is it? You keep your voices up... you keep up your organizing... find the conservative candidates running for local, state and federal office in the Republican primaries and back them. They're putting their necks on the line for us. Back them. And then we shall succeed. Then we shall overcome.

Listen for yourself.

Via: Mark Levin Show.

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