Friday, April 30, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: 'I Think You've Made Enough Money'

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'I Think You've Made Enough Money': Villainous
Obama's Politicized Justice Department: AT
Is Obama fomenting a race war?: Times

Crashers, Palinphobes & Communists at Boston's Tea Party: LATL
Illegal Immigrants Really Are Abused — In Mexico: RWN
How Obama could lose Arizona immigration battle: York


Fun with Numbers: GM ‘Payback’ of Taxpayer Loans: Blumer
5 Terrifying Parallels Between Now And Great Depression: McArdle
Treat the Cause: Welfare State Is Draw for Illegals: PJM

Obama's Union Thugs to Tie Up Lower Manhattan : JWF
Seven States Contemplate Anti-Illegal Immigrant Legislation: LB1901
University Students Stage Protests Against Arizona Bill: SIGIS

Climate & Energy

Obama to send swat teams to inspect oil rigs and platforms: Brutally
Clean Air Causes Global Warming: RWN
Cancer to increase because of 'green tech'?: BlogProf


The Death of Everyman: Villainous
Violent Leftists Raid NYC Bank... Media Silent: GWP
Transforming America, One B*#%h at a Time: MOTUS

Obama Helped Kill Immigration Reform In 2007 - Will Media Remember?: NewsBusters
When will they take us seriously?: AT
Democrat Opposition to Phoenix Law: R&R

Righteous Liberal Hypocrisy: Dewey
Diminutive Jocksniffer Wants MLB to Blackmail Arizona : JWF
I’m Arlen Specter and I Approve This Message: iOTW


Enough Already — Just Move the UN to Iran: Rosett
Barack Obama’s Top Ten Insults Against Israel: Telegraph (UK)
Spain's troubles mount: Mish

The U.N. Is A Drag On The Body Politic: GM's Place
Moody's: Multi-Notch Downgrade Of Greece Imminent: ZH
Clash at Brandeis U. over Israeli speaker: Times


Thoughts on Flash: Steve Jobs
An iPad Road Test: PJM
I still want whoever is making the HALO ads for Bungie and Microsoft to remake Starship Troopers: DPU


Caboodle Jeans: Workplace Alert: MOTUS
No, Not Airbrushed!: SondraK
Women Celebrate at Free Stones Concert: C&S

Image: Norman Rockwell.
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Bones said...

I maybe a bit slow with all this but I think I see a scheme in the Hidden provisions of Obama legislation. The health care bill has the 1099 reporting of most all business spending over $600 and the massive hiring of thousands of IRS agents. The finance bill has a system that allows government access to individual’s bank activity. What ties this together? The Socialist Democratic Party has seen what happens in other socialist countries when massive taxes are imposed. A large part of the economy goes underground. They are laying the foundations that will keep the underground in check so they can get the maximum revenue, control of the money flow and people,s behavior that they desire.

suek said...

You're probably right, Bones. What that means, of course, is that we'll have to go back to an all cash/barter system.

We can take lessons from the Mexicans among us...they're pretty much all cash - and I very much doubt that they do 1040s...

As an aside...I miss Norman Rockwell. But even more...I miss the America that was then.