Friday, April 16, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Tax Day Tea Party Super-Post

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Tax Day Tea Parties

Thousands turn out in Irvine and Oceanside: AmPower
Tampa's Party Begins: Carol
Cincinnati's Fifth Third Arena: InstaPundit

Sterling Heights, Michigan: BlogProf
Colorado Springs: WheatChaff
Pontiac, Michigan: BlogProf

St. Louis: GWP
Shreveport, LA: SIGIS
Missouri's Lt. Gov. handle's Tea Party crashers: BMW

The Crashers: They Came, They Saw, They Failed: Malkin
Tea Party Crashers: Not Quite Understanding the Assignment: PJM
Obama mocks teapartiers: Hot Air


The New Currency Is Obedience: Doc Zero
Is the Public School System a Repository for Reprobates?: LB1901
Lambs to the slaughter: Grand Rants

Did Tea Party Smear Spark KC Riot?: Cashill
Time to infiltrate the liberal protesters: SmashMouth (NSFW)


Senate Democrats Try to Sneak Through Cap-and-Tax: RWN
'Experts' flummoxed by 'unexpected' job losses: RWN
The Welfare State of America: Times

First State-by-State Costs Of Medicaid Expansion: Save 70%?: Kesler
Obama's Quiet War on Red States: AT
Gangster government returns: Nice little bank ya got there . . .: Barone

Climate & Energy

UK Expect: Global warming 'hockey stick' graph is a fraud: FT
Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deception?: ClimateRealists
Whitewashing is quick work: Daily Caller


The New Aristocracy: AT
Stevens: 'I Never Left Sanity. Sanity Left Me': Coulter
Americans: "Yeah, Obama's a Socialist": Hindenblog


What Drives Islam to be the Religion of War?: Sultan Knish
The Times Makes It Official: Obama Has Shifted U.S. Policy Against Israel: Commentary
Was Marco Polo an ‘Islamophobe’?: PJM

Genocide in South Africa: Geller
Obama: 'Like Me', Aussie Prime Minister Is 'Smart But Humble': GWP
Britain bans Israeli tourism ad because it depicts Western Wall: TAB


FollowFinder - a New Service for Twitter: Google
Google launches Twitter timeline search: CNet


The office sure looks safe with Wheezy and Dozy on the door: Times of London
In mass shootings, the usual rules do not apply: Emergency Film Group

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