Monday, April 19, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Play Health Care Trivial Pursuit!

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Play Health Care Trivial Pursuit: Goodman
Fish Wrap: About Those Insurance 'Fixes'...: RWN
Obama, Democrats Making Great Strides...: GWP

Health Care Coercion Will Only Get Worse: LegalIns
The Washington Monument: Belmont Club
A Shadow Warrior Falls: Timmerman

How Clinton used Oklahoma City for political gain: InstaPundit
Mayday, W.Va., Mayday!: Surber


Media helps Obama ignore unemployment: HNN
Graph of the Day: State Income Taxes: AT
Ruh roh: Merrill accused to same fraud as Goldman: Insider

World's dumbest blogger flunks econ, again: RSM
Bond-Buyers Voting against Obamanomics: AT

Climate & Energy

'Climate Change' Scamsters to go Global: NewZeal
Reuters: Iceland Volcanoes Caused By... Global Warming: BlogProf
Eco-tards now claim there's a shortage of air pollution: LAT


Time's Joe Klein: Palin, Beck Potentially Committing Sedition: NewsBusters
Frank Rich covers all the bases: Driscoll
As Illinois Dies, the Blame-Blago MSM Narrative Comes Apart: BigJournalism

New York Times Runs Racist Op-Ed Against Tea Party: RWN
Detroit Free Press likens tea party movement to the Confederacy: BlogProf
Major Correction and Apology Time: Hayward

A Mighty Pale Newspaper: Malkin
The Seinfeld/Costanza White House in action: RWN
Poll: 'Epic distrust' of government, elected officials: AmPower


Wishful Thinking, Willful Indifference: JRubin
Why Rashid Khalidi is Happy: The Obama Middle East Policy and the Palestinians: PJM
Irony: Mugabe Urges End to Violence He Promoted : JWF

How different is this guy's nuclear disarmament goals from Obama's?: Wizbang
The 'Colonel Nicholson' Democrats: JOdysseus
The Jews of Silence: Baehr


Droid Incredible Review: Engadget
N.J. H-1B case reads like Sopranos episode: NetWorld
Microsoft Outsources Internal IT to Indian Firm: Enterprise IT Planet


Edumucation: Parkway Rest Stop
Bacon Break: R&R
Keeping critters out of the garden: TAB

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QOTD: "He makes you yearn for the days of Jimmy Carter." -- Me. Just now.

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