Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Need to get that Obama-Biden bumper-sticker off your car?

Tired of the dirty looks you get on the expressway?

Sick of getting flipped off, even though your only 'crime' is having an Obama bumper-sticker on your car?

Now there's an answer: remove that divisive bumpersticker -- that you regret ever slapping on your vehicle -- with the new AlinskyOff 3000, available exclusively through this TV offer!

Having trouble with an extra-difficult sticker that won't stop grabbing you? The propane-powered JeremiahBegone 4000 could be the cure. It's 4,000-BTU blast will melt nearly any free-range sticker made in the last four years!

Struggling with the Obama-Biden commemorative stickers made with heat-proof tiles from the abandoned Space Shuttle program? There's only one way to get those bad boys off -- the HopeyChange Jihad 5000 rocket-propelled adhesive remover (not available in the District of Columbia).

Act now, and we'll throw in a 2008 Michelle Obama bathing suit calendar!

1 comment:

Picky said...

What's the calendar at the end for? A substitute for Ipecac?