Thursday, April 22, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Bigots to the Left of Me, Dingbats on the Right

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Bigots to the Left of Me, Dingbats on the Right: Blumer
It Begins: Dems Want Criminal Charges for Goldman: LegalIns
Reid's immigration push vital to his reelection hopes: WashExam

Dem calls for boycott of his own state: RWN
What Clinton didn't say about OKC: Cashill
A new definition of racism: Langbert


Naming Names: Teacher Unions Killing Schools: BigGovt
Federal Court Reinstates ACORN Funding Ban: BigGovt
GM Repays $8.1B Fed Loan With Fed Money: BlogProf

Obama Homeowner Bailout Program A 75 Billion Dollar Bust: RWN
Reality Check on the Record of Big, Bad Capitalism: AT
Another broken promise: Obama drops VAT Tax bomb: GWP

Climate & Energy

Will Obama's Goldman Attack Expose Al Gore?: PJM
Earth Day: An Assault on Man: AT
Jim Manzi Will Regret This But Once, and That Will Be Continuously: RSM


Why Is the L.A. Times Burying the Obama/Khalidi Tape?: Simon
Blacks, the Media, & the Tea Parties: AT
Keith Olbermann has fellow MSNBC anchor booted: DC

The 10 Best Tea Party Signs So Far: RWN
No more 'Glee' for me: Shayne
Reject the Graham Gay Smear: Moran


Why the Western Sahara Matters: JRubin
Tehran's Other Target: America 2015 : Investors
Arab Refugees: The Real Story: JFP

Insider: Top Ohio homeland security officials falsify credentials: Jawa
Unclean Sharia Health Care Headed Your Way, American: RWN
Police in UAE hunt door-to-door for unwed couples: Maktoob


Scribd gets 'Readcasting': Autosharing made easy: CNet
Neanderthals And Racism In The NFL: Riehl


Watcher Council Nominations April 21, 2010: The Watcher
Irony Curtain Earth Day Classic: iOTW
The Coolest Thing You'll See All Day: Insider

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