Saturday, April 17, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Oh my -- McCain 47, Hayworth 42

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Oh my: McCain 47, Hayworth 42: Hot Air
Palin: We like it, Mr. President!: Hot Air
Leftist Judge: National Day of Prayer Is Unconstitutional: GWP

Obama mocks, we remember: Malkin
AZ: No Need For Concealed Carry Permits: RWN
Cheaters never prosper: AmDigest


Recovery? Hah! Just Oscillating Unemployment Claims.: Ace
Obama decides who can visit you in the hospital: RedState
USPS will cut service to 'fight climate change': RWN

What the Goldman Sachs Indictment Reveals: MoneyRunner
How Could We Be So Stupid? Let Us Count the Ways: Hanson
The 21st Century Bank Run: FOFOA

Climate & Energy

Lindsey Graham: Useful Idiot for the White House: Ace
Obama asks businesses to get behind climate bill: Breitbart
AGW Eco-Tard Requires Rescue From “Melting” Pole: CBullitt


An Open Letter to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: Chris Baker
CNN: Darn it, this free speech at Tea Party rallies might just be protected: Hot Air
Michigan Mainstream Media Headline: "Tea Baggers Rally In Alpena": BlogProf

Enron Henchman Paul Krugman Proves He's a Mendacious Twit: Hindenblog
Proposed Tea Party Tactic: Targeted Boycotts of Media Advertisers: Langbert
Patriotism's Call: Diogenes

Crashing the Crashers: Tea Party Infiltrators in S.F.: Zombie
HE is Amused by Us?: Feed Your ADHD
Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton Square Off: Who's Encouraging Domestic Terror?: ABC


Israel to America: No, we can’t!: Tygrrrr Express
The Palestinians already have two states: Chesler
Meet the Liberators: WaPo

Democrat Utopia of Detroit: One of the Most Dangerous Cities on the Planet: BlogProf
Greece, Dred Scott, and the American Civil War: Telegraph
Obama and Israel: Showdown at the UN?: Fox


Ruh roh: Apple rejects political cartoonist from iPad: CNet
Google drafts cloud printing plan for Chrome OS: InfoWorld


Target Market: Exurban League
Obama to the Rescue: Furious Diaper
The Palin Effect: AmDigest

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