Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally: a Believable Home Security Ad!

Are you as sick of these bogus home security ads as I am? Well, someone finally aired an ad that's plausible.


  Did you hear that?

  It's our first night in the new house... do you want me to check?

  Are you f*****g kidding me? Hell yes, I want you to check, you lazy SOB!

  What the...?

  KA-BLAM!! KA-BLAM!! ............ *** Da-Thump! ***

  Problem solved, babe!

  Nice double-tap, dear! I'm so happy we invested in a Glockk Home Security System™!


SBVOR said...

Good one!

I also want to know what Madison Avenue moron decided that a commercial which includes a high volume rendition of a home security system being activated would sell the product. Nothing makes me hit the mute button faster!

I would sooner gouge my eyes out than purchase any home security system advertised in this manner. This is -- by FAR -- the worst ad campaign EVER (on multiple levels).

Anonymous said...

I love the fact the the burglar in all these commercials is a white male. What happened to diversity?