Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Christie Escalates War with the Teachers' Unions

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Christie Escalates War with the Teachers' Unions: JWF
Humor vs. Contempt: Obama's Character: Kimball
Bordering on Fraud: Doc Zero

Leftist Political Crisis Exploitation: RWN
Conyers: 'Teabaggers' so angry their 'rational abilities' are gone: BlogProf
Oklahoma City, Waco, and crisis exploitation: Malkin

The Grand Illusions of America's Liberals: AT


How public-sector unions broke California: Malanga
Big Government Knifes Goldman Sachs in the Back: RWN
The New Front in the War on Wealth: AT

Obama on 'Global Rebalancing': Expect a Weaker America: GWP
Sorry, Dems, but the VAT idea is brain-damaged, too: Samuelson

Climate & Energy

Smart Grid Cash flows right back to an old Chicago Friend: Ameristroika
Say, where are all those 'green jobs'?: RWN
Panic spreads as Climate 'Titanic' goes down: BigJournalism


The New York Times, and That Business At the Cathedral In Cordoba: Winds of Jihad
The New Alien & Sedition Acts: Because they worked so well last time!: Cold Fury
How A Free Press Dies… By Only Covering Tariq Ramadan, Not Ibn Warraq: Chesler

Tyranny May Be Closer than We Think: AT
Newsweak to keep Claiming America's in a big-time recovery until it's finally true: Ace
Beck Kicks Joe Klein's Butt, Metaphorically Speaking, Of Course: GWP


The Obama Administration and our Judicial System Just Blinded Us to Terrorist Attacks: Strata-Sphere
Defeating Radical Islam — a Lesson from Hercules: PJM
Two Top AQ Leaders in Iraq Die of Suffocation Due to Volcanic Ash and Being Trapped in Tunnel By Iraqi Forces, But Mostly Iraqi Forces: Ace


Amazon fights demand for customer tax records: CNet
Microsoft patches fail on infected Windows: ZDNet
Your BlackBerry's dirty security secrets: InfoWorld


That Ain't the Amazing Part: iOTW
The Narrative Goes All Kamikaze: SondraK
King Obama: iOTW

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