Saturday, April 24, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Palin exposes rank hypocrisy of 'Wall Street Reform'

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Palin exposes rank hypocrisy of 'Wall Street Reform': Con4Palin
Dems conspire to kill the filibuster: RWN
How America became a 'secular-socialist machine': Gingrich

Remember November: Hot Air
You may want to sit down before reading this: Ace
Letter to IRS Re Southern Poverty Law Center: Langbert


Fast Approaching the Tax Tipping Point: PJM
Volcker Rule - A plea from USAA: RedState
Chicago Teachers' Unions Demand More Money: Mish

Someone Needs to Pay: RSM
Detroiters declare Jihad against Dateline: BlogProf
Despite GM Ad Claim, Taxpayers Still on Hook: BMW

Climate & Energy

Climate Science in Denial: WSJ (Lindzen)
Heh: Another Climate Alarmist Loses It: RWN
Scientist says Arctic getting colder: UPI


Comedy Central cowers in the face of Murder: Althouse
Jon Stewart To Anti-South Park Muslim Extremists: “Go F*** Yourselves”: Mediaite
Liberals and the Violence Card: WSJ

The Zombietime Walking Tour of San Francisco: Zombie
Rush Limbaugh, Patriot: Kimball
See, McGoo–I Told You They Assigned Me A Satellite: CBullitt (Language Warning)


It’s on: “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” set for May 20th: Hot Air
Vatican funding Adult Stem Cell Research: Anchoress
Like 'the last days of Saigon': Angry, stranded British tourists nearly riot in Bangkok airport: Daily Mail (UK)


Just how far the Linux desktop has come: jonobacon
Hubble Telescope Shoots Progressive Rock Album Cover: Jim Rose
pioneers O pioneers: SondraK


The Parable Of My Neighbor's Howitzer: Hindenblog
Changing the Light Bulbs on Wall Street: MOTUS
O’Reilly Factor: Lane Bryant Ad Pulled Because Plus-Sized Models Have More Cleavage: Mediaite

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"Had President Obama campaigned on [the real Democrat] agenda, he wouldn't have garnered 30% of the popular vote."       -- The Wall Street Journal, Mr. R. Limbaugh

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