Sunday, April 18, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Photos of a Tax Day Revolt in DC

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Photos of a Tax Day Revolt in DC: LATL
Thank You, Mr. President: RWN
Missouri Tea Party Provocateur Spills the Beans: BMW

This is How They Buy You: Stormbringer
Blue on Blue: Commies attack Nazis in L.A.: AmPower
Goodwin Liu: Faulty memory, expedient metamorphosis: Malkin

Cultural Marxism in Education: The Gathering Revolt: AT
Barack Obama's Missing Girlfriends: Cashill
Obama defies tradition of the free press: Sun-Times


No, the economy's not turning around: BMW
Family Dairy Farms and Immigration Reform: AT
Former Obama car czar named in state pension scam: Post

Climate & Energy

Iceland's Volcano Impacts Economy, Weather, Health: AT
We knew, it was only a matter of time…: WUWT
Cocked and Loaded: Dewey


“On behalf of the Obama Adminstration…”: Anchoress
Source Of Vicious Right-Wing "Whisper Campaign" Against Elena Kagan Uncovered: Mere Rhetoric
How Barack Obama invented himself: Telegraph

See No Qur’an, Hear No Qur’an: Spencer
Hospice America: Doc Zero
Goldman Indictment found ... in the back of the Virginian Pilot.: MoneyRunner

Rush: 'I want to thank you, Mr. President': RWN
Huffington Post puts up 'outrageous' tea party poster pics, epic FAIL ensues: BlogProf


Gates: No Strategy to Stop Iran: LegalIns
Israel: Obama's Scapegoat: PJM
Susan Rice: Ducking a Congo Odyssey: Frontpage

Obama's Syrian Policy Collapses: JRubin
Step Aside Madonna, Brangelina, Bono. American kids coming through ...: Crittenden


How much control will Apple have over news app content?: CNet
Latest Liberal Fad: Sipping Expensive, Delicious Civet S***: TAB
Web coupons know lots about you, and they tell: CNet


Adios Amigos. Hola Czarinna de Diplomacia: MOTUS
And the Number One Reason to Get Right? Hot Babes!: AmDigest
Catchy. Fun. Spot-on.: C&S

Way, Way Above My Paygrade: MOTUS
At least Madonna has muscle: Gather
Greg Hits the Big Time: FTD

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