Saturday, August 11, 2012

Best Reactions to the Ryan Pick

• CNN's Candy Crowley -- if that is her real name -- claims some Republicans are saying picking Ryan is "some sort of ticket death wish."

To whom is she referring? Best I can figure, it's sometimes-Democrat, sometimes-Republican Donald "Attention Whore" Trump whose impact on the race will be exactly... nil. Trump is the P.T. Barnum of politics and for CNN to treat his comments with a scintilla of seriousness is representative of the horrific ratings disaster that is the CNN network.

• Oh, and some twit you've never heard of -- Ryan Lizza at The New Yorker -- says that Ryan is (wait for it...) light on experience? As opposed to President Training Wheels, the All-Cook-County Community Organizer? Or Vice President Hair-Plugs-For-Men, who likewise has spent his entire career on the public dole? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA AHA AHHAHAHAHHAHAHA AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA HA AH AHHA HAHAH AHA HAH AHHAAHHAH!!! OUCH. OWWWW. I think I just wrenched my clavicle.

• The Leftist scumbags on Twitter erupted with their usual death-wishes:

@RobbyReyn: The bad news is Paul Ryan might be vp. The good news is that Paul Ryan is mortal and can die
@NatiRabinowitz: According to his family medical history Paul Ryan will die of a heart attack in 11 years.
@JMFlorio: Paul Ryan is the biggest f***ing toolbag on the planet. He can suffocate and die like he wants everyone who can’t afford insurance
@CarolineVGray: Morbid math pattern suggest Paul Ryan will die of a heart attack at 53. All heart attacks. Great grandfather 59. Grandfather 57. Father 55.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Suffice it to say that the "tolerant Left" is a misnomer of epic proportions.

• The Dissociative Press does its usual water-carrying for Democrats with its pathetic propaganda piece entitled "Romney stumbles in running mate announcement". It informs us in large typeface, that Mitt Romney accidentally introduced Paul Ryan as "the next president of the United States". And it conveniently fails to mention that candidate Obama made precisely the same mistake.

• As for those worried about Florida and seniors? They're a tad smarter than Democrats give them credit for: Ryan's favorability rating is 39-to-25, and an astounding 52-to-29 among... seniors.

I support Romney-Ryan 2012: America's Comeback Team.


fubar said...


they're scared!

Anonymous said...

This is perfect. Adding Ryan sets up a Reagan Revolution redux. Smells a lot like 1980....

Anonymous said...

I'm a senior from Florida.Recently started getting my SS and Medicare and I'm all for Romney/Ryan.I am also a registered Independent.These libs do not speak for me.

Bones said...

If Romney campaign had the same level of security as the White House, we would have known about this last week.

Anonymous said...

The choice next November will be one of deciding between two visions of a future America.

One choice will be one of a free country that expands and grows.

The other will be of a dependent nation descending into tyranny.

Continue the Downgrade regime and the future will be Depression and Decline of a once great nation into the worst aspects of a European-socialist state.