Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tonight's Blog Posts Brought to You By the All-New, All-Exciting FannieCrat 3000 Luxury Sedan!

Every road is an on-ramp to fun with the world's only solar- and wind-powered automobile!

All new for 2012, General Ford Cerberus Motors is proud to present The FannieCrat 3000, the first automobile designed by the same members of Congress who brought you Fannie Mae and the housing crisis.

With 24 airbags -- both inside and outside the vehicle -- and an integrated cow- and deer-catcher, this is the most safe and humane car imaginable. And CAFE fuel standards are no problem because this luxury sedan sports three (count 'em, three) windwills and an extra-large solar-panel certain to keep you in the slow lane!

The Fanniecrat 3000 is a worthy successor to other government-designed vehicles like the Chevy Volt and the Soviet Union's classic Volga!

So jump on your bicycle right now and pedal on down to your city's GFCM dealer to see this phenomenal new vehicle. Pre-orders are available and the federal waiting list is down to 24 months, so act now!

And remember, all GFCM vehicles are guaranteed to be compatible with Magic Solar Energy Beans, the amazing fuel source designed by Democrats and due shortly after the 2012 election!

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