Thursday, February 03, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats really love Obamacare and the 1099 provision

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Democrats really love Obamacare and the 1099 provision: Malkin
New Mexico: No Longer a Sanctuary State: WZ
Obama Renominates Man Known for Racial Double Standards: PJM

Judge Holds Lawless Obama Interior Dept. in Contempt: Ace
About as activist as a roof that protects you from weather: JSOnline
Unhinged Lefty Arrested For Threatening Republican Rep.: NiceDeb

There's no such thing as a moderate Democrat: RWN
What Liberals Don't Know About Guns, Chapter #408: Coulter
Rubio: 'Obamacare can not be repaired': Cubachi


After ruling, is the Obamacare nightmare just beginning?: IFA
$1.9M Contribution to Obama == Obamacare Waiver: CNS
The Left's World Food Crisis: MagNote

'Sue Me' Over Pension Cuts?: ZH
Legerdmath: Boston Review
Democrats’ Convention Choice Showcases Tension: RollCall

Climate & Energy

The Death of Global Warming: Mead
I Think I Just Found A New Amdment For the Debt-Ceiling Bill: Ace
Fears Of Radiation From Electric Utility "Smart Meters." You Have Just Entered The Twilight Zone: Nostrums

Blizzard 2011 photos, Morton Grove, Illinois: Marathon
EPA now to regulate spilled milk -- really: WashExam
Boxer Says She’s Going to Hold Hearings on Global-Warming Skepticism: WZ


Gosnell Headlines? Gone, Baby, Gone!: First Things
Oh, those cwazy uniforms; or, no wonder Valerie Jarrett was confused: Bookworm
More Fingerboard Follies: Penguin

Tough to Keep This News to Themselves: Driscoll
Cairo Exclusive: Interview with ‘Sandmonkey’: PJM
Buried under 12 inches of liberal BS: CBS Blames Global Warming for Snowmaggedon: BlogProf

Stupid Liberal Argument #642: GOP Shouldn’t Take Free Health Care If They Oppose Obamacare: RWN
Like Death and Taxes: Michael Scheuer Blames Israel: GWP
Hell in a Handbasket: babalu


Obama's Brotherhood Moment: AINA
Egypt’s Military: Savior?: Kesler
Egypt Protests: Will the Real Mohammed ElBaradei Please Stand Up?: Bayefsky

House Republicans Schedule Vote For Next Week on Bill Demanding UN Refund American Money: WZ
Christians fear for their lives… in AUSTRALIA: West
The Meaning of Sharia in Five Simple Lines: AYWAS

Soros blames Israel, encouraged by Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: AT
White House Reminds Staff Egypt is NOT a Muslim Country: MagNote
Does the White House Think Mubarak Is a Coptic Christian?: NRO

Egypt Gets Violent, Obama Gets Angry, Networks Get Ratings, I’ll Pop the Popcorn: RSM
Camels? WTF? Camels?: AmDig
British Police Afraid of Local Kids, Soon to Come to the USA?: RWN
By 59% to 27% Margin Egyptians Would Rather be Ruled by Islamic Fundamentalists Over Modernizers: WZ


U.S. seizes 10 sports streaming websites: CNN
iPhone 4 to get AT&T mobile hotspot capabilities on February 13th?: Engadget
Verizon loses early skirmish in Net neutrality litigation: CNet


Proof That Obama Was Behind Egyptian Uprising: iOTW
Senate Votes Down Health Care Repeal: SHN
Inspired by Mubarak, Obama Promises Not to Run in 2016: Cube

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: West for West Wing 2012
QOTD: "America has endured an administration that has attempted to seize and impose a new system of health care and health insurance against the will of the American people, while it has virtually ignored the need to responsibly address a growing deficit and debt, and the ever-growing number of unemployed Americans and businesses that are struggling to survive these difficult economic times.

In much the same way that President George W. Bush took his eye off the war against al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and instead foolishly took us to war in Iraq, so President Obama has taken American on a flight from reality, and instead of dealing with the economic crisis at hand, has used his political might to attempt to change the very fabric of individualism and individual responsibility that make our country great." -- Tony Ondrusek

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