Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Discovered: the Real Newsweek Cover Shot of Michele Bachmann

Strange. It's almost as if the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) coordinated their attacks on Michele Bachmann:

StinkProgress (by George Soros): "Bachmann: Obama Told Me The Affordable Care Act Eliminates Medicare"

Stuffington Roast: "Michele Bachmann Repeatedly Sought Stimulus, EPA, Other Government Funds"

ABC Spews: "Bachmann Likens US to Titanic in Visit to Iowa Plant"

RawStory: "Bachmann asked for stimulus money days after calling it an ‘orgy of spending’"

Gawker: "Jon Stewart Shames Newsweek for Its Michele Bachmann Cover"

Discover (!): "Reason and the Mind of Michele Bachmann"


Hold up.

Discover Magazine?

You're telling me that even Discover Magazine is slandering Michele Bachmann?


Well, Jon, this is a curious article to find in "Discover". Tell me:

1. Which political party always advocates for more centralized, authoritarian government?
2. Which political party incessantly seeks to confiscate more and more of your private property -- the finite products of your mind and body -- to use for its own whims and desires?
3. Which political party created the most outrageous Ponzi schemes -- Social Security and Medicare among them -- that the world has ever seen?
4. Which political party continually stifles free enterprise and individual liberty with vast bureaucracies, ever-increasing regulations, and failed policies of wealth redistribution?

If you answered 'the Democrat Party' to each question, you're today's winner!

Michele Bachmann is the problem? No. Out-of-control, unconstitutional, sixties-retread Democrats are the problem, spending trillions borrowed from our children and grandchildren without their permission.

The Tea Party is the problem? Hardly.

But facts, logic, history and reason were never strong suits for the National Social Democrats.

Just wait until we find out whether Sarah Palin is running.


Doom said...
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Anonymous said...

Even Fox News slanders Michele Bachmann.

Veeshir said...

Love the coordination.

I wonder what they're calling Journolist these days.

Anonymous said...

Now they are called "journHOLEists," quite popularly.