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You know that totally insane Benghazi conspiracy theory? Yep. It keeps getting less insane each and every day

Word broke today (via the outstanding Pajamas Media) that Arabic language media is confirming strong ties between the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.

Multiple Arabic media sources have reported that the purpose of the Libyan intelligence chief’s recent trip to Cairo was to share information about Mursi’s involvement.

Other Arabic sources (1, 2, 3), including Masress, have reported on the details of the charges being filed against Mursi. They involve his release of [terrorist Mohammed Jamal] Al-Kashif...

If Mursi was involved, what were his possible motives? Indisputably, the two most prominent voices as of late demanding the release of “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdul Rahman were Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Muhammad Mursi. Interestingly, Mursi made such a demand before and days after the attacks in Benghazi.

Which begs the question: why are President Obama and same-sex senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham lobbying so hard for the Muslim Brotherhood?

Word of Egypt's involvement in the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens had circulated in intelligence circles since September. Raymond Ibrahim reported then on a troubling Libyan intelligence document. It asserts that the Muslim Brotherhood, including Egyptian President Morsi, were involved in the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

On Wednesday, June 26, several Arabic websites ... quoted the intelligence report, which apparently was first leaked to the Kuwaiti paper, Al Ra’i... It discusses the preliminary findings of the investigation, specifically concerning an “Egyptian cell” which was involved in the consulate attack. “Based on confessions derived from some of those arrested at the scene” six people, “all of them Egyptians” from the jihad group Ansar al-Sharia (“Supporters of Islamic Law), were arrested.

According to the report, during interrogations, these Egyptian jihadi cell members “confessed to very serious and important information concerning the financial sources of the group and the planners of the event and the storming and burning of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi…. And among the more prominent figures whose names were mentioned by cell members during confessions were: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi; preacher Safwat Hegazi; Saudi businessman Mansour Kadasa, owner of the satellite station, Al-Nas; Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad Hassan; former presidential candidate, Hazim Salih Abu Isma’il..."

This jibes with original reporting from last September by Walid Shoebat. A cellphone video taken during the attacks depicts gunmen running toward the camera. At one point an approaching gunman cries, "Don't shoot us! We were sent by Morsi!"

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In October of 2012, a comment by "Kozy" posited that the Benghazi attack was an "October Surprise". Easily dismissed at the time as some sort of conspiracy nonsense, with each passing day the scenario appears to become more plausible:

Starting in late March, U.S. Ambassador to Libya Gene Cretz begs the State Department for more security assets. These requests are flatly refused.

Also early in the year (February, March and April), White House visitor records show several lightly documented -- and possibly confidential -- visits by Hillary Clinton to the White House.

In May, U.S. Ambassador to Libya Gene Cretz is swapped for Chris Stevens.

In June, Egyptian President Morsi publicly pledges to secure the release of 'The Blind Sheikh', the extremist cleric responsible for the first World Trade Center attack.

Also starting in June, Ambassador Stevens' security teams are systematically removed from Libya, despite increasingly urgent requests and dire predictions. By the time of the 9/11 attack, Stevens has not a single personal bodyguard. These stunning actions effectively remove any barriers to the capture of the Ambassador for use as a hostage.

Did back-channel communications between the White House and the Blind Shiekh's legal representatives confirm that a swap could be achieved with a high-level hostage exchange? Were the Sheikh's cronies informed that Ambassador Stevens had no security in Benghazi? This would enable the Sheikh to be secured through a trade after capturing Stevens; after all, the ambassador has had his security teams completely stripped away.

Someone -- it is not clear who -- arranges a meeting between Stevens and Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akinin in Benghazi, not Tripoli, late in the evening of 9/11. It is during this meeting that terrorist checkpoints are established around the compound. The terrorists know precisely where Stevens is and are prepared logistically to capture him.

The initial attack involves only small arms fire. A fire was later used to smoke out the Ambassador from a safe room. In other words, the lack of RPG and mortar rounds during the initial attack means it is highly likely that the operation was a "smash and grab" designed to capture the Ambassador, not assassinate him. RPGs were only used later at the annex, hours later, after Stevens was known KIA.

And, as stated above, during the initial attack, a video shot via camera phone records men yelling "Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by Morsi!"

Hostage swap

Under this operating theory, had all gone according to plan, the Obama administration would have secretly facilitated the capture of Ambassador Stevens. This would have permitted Obama to safely trade the Ambassador through the release of the Blind Sheikh.

The trade of the Sheikh for Stevens would have occurred, of course, just before the election. Obama would take very public credit for Stevens' safe return as well as a newly strengthened relationship with Egypt's Morsi.

Photo ops featuring Obama and Stevens would be splashed along the campaign trail, ostensibly solidifying the president's foreign policy qualifications.

Sound too far-fetched? Consider the following unanswered unanswered questions:

Why did State repeatedly deny requests for more security in Benghazi, despite increasingly dire predictions? Instead, State completely stripped security from Stevens. No credible explanation has been offered for the removal of security by the White House or the State Department. It has been confirmed that the budget excuse proffered by State was completely false.

Who arranged Stevens' meeting with Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akinin in Benghazi, not Tripoli, so late in the evening?

Why on 9/11 -- of all dates -- was there no special security posture ordered in diplomatic installations around the Middle East?

Why did so many people in the administration publicly lie about the nature of the attack when it was clear from the onset that it was an organized attack by terrorists?

And, once again: why are President Obama and same-sex senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham lobbying so hard for the release of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists including Mursi?

Why did the president go to sleep after getting word of the attack?

Why did he reportedly refuse security briefings in the aftermath of the attack, instead simply departing for a fundraiser in Las Vegas?

The theory being: the President didn't need to stay awake after hearing of the attack. He didn't need any briefings. He knew exactly what had happened.

A review of the Complete Benghazi Timeline makes some of these anomalies apparent. It's high time for a special prosecutor and a full, Watergate-style investigation into this madness.

Hat tips: Wanda and MOTUS.

25 comments: said...

We know the truth. We always did.

Our job continues to be to overcome the power of the democrat media's media propaganda machine -- and especially overcoming the cowardly and incompetent leadership in the GOP, who might otherwise be doing that job.

The latter is more urgent.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, it is evil, indeed.

FairWitness said...

I'm sorry but I don't see Hillary Clinton signing on to this scenario. She's a leftist Marxist, but doing this? With her husband a former President? I despise Hillary and Obama for all kinds of reasons, but I do not believe they'd ever become embroiled in a plot with the release of the blind sheikh as its outcome. The events surrounding the Benghazi attack and deaths are sordid, but I believe incompetence is the cause.

Matthew W said...

A yes or no answer here please.
BHO knew that an American citizen was going to be kidnapped to be used as a political pawn?????

Anonymous said...

how much more proof do you need that Hillary and Obama were in this up over their necks....Obama has always made it clear he will side with the Muslims and in every instance he has so why would it be hard to believe they would do something like this.....they stripped Stevens of security and ignored/denied help.

Anonymous said...

And Hillary is a hero, along with Obama... Now she has a better chance at the 2016 election. What better way to put her in the White House. These guys will do anything thing to win. Look at the Whitewater death list.

Anonymous said...


juandos said...

Let's remember what the shrieking sow had to say about Benghazi: What Difference Does It Make??

Anonymous said...

If this doesnt make you want to arm yourselves and take out the Goverenment now, you must be dead. This goes beyond evil! All of our lives are at stake, and our children and grandchildren too. WAKE UP! WE ARE THE ONLY ANSWER TO THIS MESS!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, a bit far fetched; granted, there's criminal negligence on the part of Hillary & Obama, and both need to be prosecuted/driven from office; and no doubt about all the shenanigans going on in Tripoli, as well as the demonstration over in Cairo at the same time, and no doubt the Egyptians were involved in Tripoli as well; and probably likely that Tripoli/Cairo was done to kidnap Ambassador Stevens and try and force the release of the Blind Sheikh, but Obama/Hillary on board with that aspect of it? Nah, not happening, because Obama's release of the Blind Sheikh, even for Stevens, would NOT have made Obama a "hero"; I would propose that he would've LOST the election, if that happened. So, good effort, great info, and you're stuff is 90% accurate, but the last bit is a non-player! But without a doubt, the parts you do have right, should be enough, in a normal world, for impeachment and removal, and to convict Hillary for perjury! No one should be surprised that this type of Anti-Americanism/criminality would come from either of these two, actually... said...

Don't overestimate Hillary Clinton. She's lame, she's weak, desperate and she's a coward.

Any wonder she drank herself stupid for the duration of her time as Secretary of State? -- What else could she have done to blind herself to the reality she got kicked upstairs to titanic executive responsibilities that she had absolutely no talent or ability for?

This woman is the same idiot who grabbed LA mayor Antonio Villaragossa as her 'hispanic' adviser a week before he was disgraced in a scandal everyone knew about but Hillary Clinton.

She's not that smart. Bill is. For now, Bill couldn't care less. I believe he at once wants Hillary to become president (for his own purposes) but at the same time I believe he is rabidly against that idea for his own vanity. I think his vanity will win out.

Anonymous said...

Doug - did you know that Shoebat's "we're from Mursi" YouTube video was gone (Account Terminated)? He doesn't acknowledge it at the original link, and apparently nobody has checked in a while. Here is a CLUE people - if you have an important video record, DON'T trust the reptiles at Google or anywhere else public. Save the video off as mpg or flv ( and serve it *wherever* you can.

Anonymous said...

You don't know much about the corruption of the Clintons, do you?

Hillary Clinton Murders:

The Clinton Body Count:

ALL commies are corrupt killers! EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Unknown said...

Doug-I called that way back when Benghazi happened-read about it here:

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that when the crime occurred back in 1993 at the World Trade Center, the FBI could have stopped it. Instead, the FBI let it happen and supplied the explosives.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2012following my comment over at PJ, many thought of me having watched too many movies.

Here is what also was intent to make a kidnapping less questionable by americans:

Homosexuality is punished by death throughout the muslim world; was Stevens swapped to make the obvious set-up less suspicious?

As documented as fact what was Hillary and Obama talking about during their ONLY conversation that fateful night at 10PM; what McCarthy suspect is that it was then that they concocted this lie regarding a u-tube video. This was the only known communication between these corrupt schemers.

Yes, I agree with one commenter here: Should this treasonous crime succeeded, you bet your arse that it would set Hillary up as a sure winner in 2016. We know that 'murder' for the Clinton to get power has never caused them any second thought.

I do believe that Petreaus became suspicious about this murderous set-up and, refused to 'lie' causing his career, marriage destroyed by blackmailing him into the exposure of his affair and, subsequent military scandal regarding his affair.

The bribes, lying, stone walling by the ever vengeful callous, cold fish Hillary fits her perfectly; Chicago jesus and, his mission to destroy not only America but also her people is demonstrated by his treasonous actions, cover up and outright lying in the complicit murder of four americans in Benghazi (I'm sure there are more we don't know about yet)

Two Generals, General Ham being one, was given the stand down order. His 'disobeying' of the lawful order got him relieved of his command, as well as the other General(which name I can't spell). Both of these commanders were forced to retire; not to be ever heard from again!

The 'stand down' order was given by the de-facto president and, active MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD member - Valerie Jarrett; who was born in Iran and, has lived a double life.

To this day, she flies secretly to Iran to talk to the leadership one-on-one about who knows what; being secret means it is against the USA and, as aid to Iran.

Reading about one year ago about Obama granting himself 'life times secret service protection' by exec. order and, his recent speeches given in Germany behind 8" thick bullet proof glass - what has him so afraid?

I'm sure -more will come to the surface....

Anonymous said...

The 2 navy seals that died started fighting to protect the Ambassador not knowing it wasn't a terrorist attack but a scheduled prisoner exchange. Once fired upon, the regime fired back and overtook the embassy.

Anonymous said...

The reason they didn't fire on the embassy is because they did not know the whereabouts of Stevens and didn't want to be accused of killing him by mistake

Anonymous said...

For FairWitness and others - "not" believing Hillary Clinton would have anything to do w what occurred in Benghazi - as if her statement in the congressional hearing - "What's the difference?" - was not another Red Flag.
Hillary Clinton, Huma Aberdeen, Anthony Weiner, The Muslim Brotherhood


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State was involved as much as Obama - in what occurred in Benghazi - that resulted in Benghazi-Gate - and should have resulted in their ARRESTS and PROSECUTIONS as TRAITORS to our country, The United States of America.

Hillary Clinton's close aide and lover is Huma Abedin, whose mother established The Muslim Sisterhood - as the female counterpart to The Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization whose mission is - and has always been = "death to America".

Anonymous said...

Reminder: Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi while Standing in front of the Victims' Caskets!!!!!!!

Longknife 21 said...

This was Political Theater to insure the re-election of the One.

Al Qaeda snatches Stevens (known homo) while he is at Benghazi to insure the smuggling of anti-tank and anti-air missiles by Turks to the Syrian rebels. (while Obama denys military aid to rebels) There fore limited security to fool American media.
Morsi and Muslim B'hood, our new BFF, rescue Stevens and then trade for The Blind Sheik through the brilliant diplomacy of Hillary, The Smartest Woman in the World.
Obama is Hero for saving Stevens, Media Lap-Dogs howl his praises to the heavens and he is re-elected easily, as planned. His courting of the Muslim B'hood is vindicated.

But the al Qaeda gave him the sedative shot not taking into account his lung damage from smoke inhalation, sedative further represses resperation and he died.
Then the heavy weapons were used to sterilize the scene & cover the withdrawal.

OOPS! Like everything else Obama does. SO, big cover-up. But nothing really fits and it is coming out. Huma Abedin knows (long time Muslim Brotherhood operative - her whole family)

Gonna get a lot nastier.

Hillary is capable of this, but not smart enough, it was Huma's idea from her MB handlers.

Anonymous said...

You're talking about an administration (regime) that is currently supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria. The same al-Qaeda terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks and the same ones that we fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.

You're also attributing human traits to psychopaths. Stop viewing these creatures as human and you'll see just how far they'd be willing to go to achieve their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Same quid pro quo for SEAL Team 6.

"Sure you can kill Osama, then you give us the people who do it. You're happy, we're happy, so you say we are on the run and then we take over.
Bye bye brother Barack."

Anonymous said...

You still believe that about 9/11? Wow.