Saturday, August 24, 2013

WHILE OBAMA SLEPT: A Tribute to Benghazi's Heroes

Guest post by Kevin Jackson

Greg Marra, the artist who created the statue for fallen Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, has begun working on the statue to commemorate the 4 fallen in Benghazi.

This tribute statue will be a reminder to politicians, that while they play their political games with people’s lives, the American people won’t forget and we will hold those responsible accountable.

As with the Chris Kyle statue, we need to help fund this bigger than life statue. People will be able to walk among the figures. The statue will help Americans understand what happened to these men, while DC slept.

The statue depicts the artist’s vision of the incident that took the lives of 4 patriots: one man praying, the other behind of the two fallen Navy SEALS, men who fought for over 20 hours against impossible odds. Once complete, Greg will find a fitting home for it, and talks with Congressmen are underway to do just that.


We will try to get this statue, titled “While Washington DC Slept,” prominently placed in Washington DC. We won’t let the memory of American patriots who died at Benghazi fade!

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