Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: In 2010, the top four House GOP leaders pledged to defund Obamacare

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In 2010, top four House Republicans pledged to defund Obamacare: RWN
#DontBlink — Defund It: Erick Erickson
ObamaCare Navigators And A Reform Already Gone Bad: Andrew Malcolm

Al Jazeera Targets America: Cliff Kincaid
Horrific: Arlene from Israel
Freedom Loving Bikers Counter Million Muslim March: Joseph R. Carducci

Senator Cruz's message makes a lot of sense: Rick Moran
A Beastly Attack on Ted Cruz: Tom Bevan
Like your family’s insurance? Suckers!: Sister Toldjah


America 3.0: The Coming Reinvention of America: James C. Bennett and Michael J. Lotus
Detroit: A closer look at the largest municipal filing in U.S. history: MacLean's
TSA plans to procure nearly 3.5 million rounds of ammo: GSN

2000 to 2010 Interstate Migration. Winners: FL, TX. Losers: NY, CA: Dallas
California Wants Small-Business to Refund $120 Million In Tax Breaks: CBS-12

Scandal Central

All Signs Point to a Cover Up: Bryan Preston
Rogin: All State Dept employees cleared over Benghazi: Shoebat
Illegal Aliens Demand Free Organ Transplants: JW

How The NSA Scours 75% Of The Nation's Internet Traffic - In One Chart: ZH
EPA critic to NSA: Hey, want to share?: Liberal Gadfly Erica Martinson
Delaware Job Hop Stirs Flap: Vipal Monga, WSJ


Allen West: Obama “a very dangerous threat to the existence of America as a constitutional republic”: Scoop
The crazying of Ted Cruz continues unabated: William A. Jacobson
CNN Continues to Ignore Warnings of Potential Obamacare 'Privacy Disaster': Matt Hadro

Three Teens Who Could Look Like Obama’s Son Murder Australian Man, NRA Gets Blamed: JWF
Writer For Far-Left Rag Mother Jones Shocked To Find Obamabots Are Real: WZ
True Patriots Know at Heart That It’s Never too Late to Never Give Up: Judi McLeod

Legal Site Groklaw Shuts Down Rather Than Face NSA in Heartrending Post: Brian Barrett
Paul Krugman Accused of Plagiarism: Wynton Hall, Breitbart
Highly Respected Conservative Embraces Article V Convention Option: Joel Hirschhorn


A Message From All Egyptians To Obama Bin Laden Sponsor Of Terrorism: Eman Nabih
Allies Thwart America in Egypt: WSJ
Wowie al Jezowie: Can’t find it in the heartland...Yet...: MOTUS

And Now, Let’s Play NIXON OR OBAMA?: Glob
Video of Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack 8/21/2013: WorldThreats
The Stunning Discovery in Highly Anticipated Michael Hastings Autopsy Report: Jason Howerton


How a Computer Program Helped Reveal J.K. Rowling as Author of A Cuckoo’s Calling: Patrick Juola
Anonymous funeral director explains the big con behind the industry: Cory Doctorow
Comparison shopping comes to Google Glass through new app: Aaron Souppouris


Looking Back on the Life of Barack Obama: Sultan Knish
17 Haunting Dioramas Of A Post-Apocalyptic World: Fastcodesign
The People's Cube story to be reprinted in NRA magazine: People's Cube

Image: A Message From All Egyptians To Obama Bin Laden Sponsor Of Terrorism
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QOTD: "The U.S.'s closest Middle East allies are undercutting American policy in Egypt, encouraging the military to confront the Muslim Brotherhood rather than reconcile, U.S. and Arab officials said.

The parallel efforts by Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have blunted U.S. influence with Egypt's military leadership and underscored how the chaos there has pulled Israel into ever-closer alignment with those Gulf states, officials said.

A senior Israeli official called the anti-Muslim Brotherhood nations "the axis of reason."

The Obama administration first had sought to persuade Egyptian military leader Gen. Abdel Fattah Al Sisi not to overthrow the elected government of President Mohammed Morsi and then to reconcile with his Muslim Brotherhood base." --WSJ


The MUSEman said...

"How The NSA Scours 75% Of The Nation's Internet Traffic - In One Chart"

"75%"? Dang! (of course, we all know it's probably 100%, it's just nobody's uncovered it yet ;-)

If they're collecting all this information then they surely need more analysts to work through the data.

I wonder how one gets a job with the NSA? After all, if they're going to track everything everyone does on the interwebs it'll be a lot easier for them to track me if I'm their employee... and, I've already got some experience being an analyst!

I just hope the job pays more than $29.11 per hour - otherwise, it's off to Hawaii to collect welfare! LOL

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Doug for the best articles links ever!
The most outstanding ones are the 'Obama bin laden' and the 'Israelis commit with many allies against obama' among many others!

Good job!