Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Zombie Doctrine, Tactics, and the Liberty Amendments

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Zombie Doctrine, Tactics, and the Liberty Amendments: K-Bob
DOD Training Materials Call Conservatives ‘Extremists’: WFB
DC leakers ask why Valerie Jarrett has Secret Service detail: Alex Pappas

5 Reasons Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments Make Sense: Joseph Ashby
Colorado Democrats reject recall elections: Protein Wisdom
Obama’s Falsity Turns Even Supporters Away: Jaye Ryan

A Poignant Anniversary: Thomas Sowell
O’Keefe confronts former US Attorney about case, dude goes ballistic: Scoop
Barack Obama, liberal policies fan the flames of racism: RWN


RINOs promise to fight next time if only Hobbits hold off now : Protein Wisdom
Cause for Depression: Ramesh Ponnuru
The Meatloaf Caucus: Erick Erickson

Scandal Central

DiGenova: Benghazi Scandal Exploding: Nice Deb
A Bisexual Forum at the White House? What about Benghazi?: Wayne Dupree
POTUS Uses Medal of Honor Ceremony for Obamacare Propaganda: TPNN


"Just Us" Is Blind: Hopenchange Cartoons
Colin Powell Misses Again: Jazz Shaw, Hot Air
Twerking towards Gomorrah: John Hayward

The New York Times Hits a New Low: New York Sun
Addressing the Angry Black Male Syndrome: Jim Davis
"'We’ve gone from Martin Luther King to Reverend Al Sharpton": Diogenes

After Syria's Horrifying Chemical Attack, Will Media Replay Hillary's Touting of 'Reformer' Assad?: Scott Whitlock
Chicago Sun Times complicit in cover-up?: Annabel Kent, IP2P
Huge Line for Levin Book Signing on Long Island: Breitbart

‘And It Just Blew Up’: Robert Stacy McCain
Local News Host Rips Democrat Rep for Ignoring Interview Requests: Oliver Darcy
Mob of undetermined racial origin fractures skull of police officer: Moonbattery


US Soon to Go to War With Syria Over Previously Nonexistent WMDs: MB
Another Turncoat Convicted: This Ain't Hell
Air Force bans Greek yogurt with hemp seed: Air Force Times

Are You Syria-ous?: Bob Belvedere
Evidence: Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons (not Assad): Walid Shoebat
Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard


US Cyber Offense is “The Best in the World”: Steven Aftergood, FAS
Atom-thin and stronger than steel: a new super-material ignites a patent rush: Elephant
50 Things a Geek Should Know: Gizmodo


Alas, Brave New Babylon: Matt Bracken
Anybody know what a mint julep is?: Protein Wisdom
Do You Know This A-hole?: iOTW

Image: 50 Things a Geek Should Know
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QOTD: "There are no logical reasons to oppose construction of the pipeline other than an irrational liberal ideology that blindly and unscientifically opposes all forms of energy which they themselves do not deem to be sufficiently ‘green’ or ‘renewable’." --Gov. Bobby Jindal

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