Thursday, August 15, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Wait — Isn’t President Obama Already Defunding Obamacare On His Own?

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Wait — Isn’t Obama Already Defunding Obamacare On His Own?: Tatler
The Obamacare Throwdown – Let’s Not Be Gutless Wonders: RS
The people support defunding ObamaCare: Dan Spencer

Chris Christie refuses to help Steve Lonegan get elected to Senate: WyBlog
A constitutional cure for what ails us: Cal Thomas
Senate Democrats Move to Reverse Supreme Court’s Heller decision: GOA

Congressman: Obama stirring up "racial tension and violence": John Hawkins
The Liberal Definition Of Scandal: Glob
Originalism: It’s not just for conservatives anymore: Adam Winkler


The Obama Agenda: The More You Learn, the Scarier It Gets: Elephant
No sign of Obama's Auntie Zeituni or Uncle Omar on Vineyard: Howie Carr
Farrakhan blasts Obama over black unemployment: RightPundit

How much did it cost to airlift First Dog Bo to the Vineyard?: Samuel Gonzalez
Safe Streets, Overruled: Heather Mac Donald
Documents: Banks stole trillions of dollars in houses: Cory Doctorow

Scandal Central

Frank Wolf renews call for special Benghazi panel after new questions surface: Susan Crabtree
Benghazi attorney: What Obama just did absolutely illegal, impeachable: Michael Dorstewitz
Love: Obama Played Cards During Osama Raid; 'I Can’t Watch This Entire Thing': WS

Faux-Conservative George Will: Obama’s Unconstitutional Steps Worse Than Nixon’s: WZ
Fed Appeals Court Rules Obama is “Flouting the Law": JW
The Carnage Continues: Three more Fast & Furious guns recovered in Mexico: Bearing Arms

Climate & Energy

Zero Attendance for Obama Global Warming Rally: Moonbattery


"We're Building A Domestic Army Because The Government Is Afraid Of It's Own Citizens": XRepublic
Obamacare Provision: “Forced” Home Inspections: Joshua Cook
The Importance of Virginia: Erick Erickson

NY Times: Clinton Foundation Rife with Cronyism: Breitbart
Clinton Foundation Savaged by Unlikely News Outlet: T. Becket Adams
Spy Reveals Hillary’s Clinton’s BIG Secret: Unsolicited

Racism Card Looking A Little Dog-Eared: Ann Coulter
Mark Levin's 'Liberty Amendments' Deserves a National Discussion: David Limbaugh
New Record? Six Shot In One Hour In Gun Control ‘Haven’ Of Chicago: Brian Carey

Noonan Calls for White House to Comment on Crushing of Dissent; White House Obliges: Ace
Oprah’s Racism Hoax Was Not Her First – She Did Same Thing Before 2005 Movie Release: GWP
10 images mocking George W. Bush that were far worse than a harmless rodeo clown: Michelle Malkin


Lindsey Graham Challenger Lee Bright: “He is a community Organizer For The Muslim Brotherhood”: IM41
Proof: Huma has Ties to Muslim Brotherhood – Countless Documents Surface: Shoebat (PDF)
"White House rejects call for ‘Gun Free Zone’ around Obama, Biden.": John Lott


Kevlar for the Mind: MMA, yoga may offer benefits as PTSD treatment: NavyTimes
Hacker hijacks baby monitor camera, terrorizes family: NetSec
At $1.2M, photocopy breach proves costly: Mike Miliard, Healthcare IT News


The Million Obama Mask March: Cube
Clown who looks like Obama gets banned for life: PHOTOS: Cube
“Breaking Bad” season premiere: Walt’s destruction foretold: Jen Chaney

Image: American Glob
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: The Importance of Virginia

QOTD: "Let me be blunt. If you are opposed to using the Continuing Resolution to de-fund Obamacare because you are afraid that conservatives and the GOP might take the blame in the media, then you are a political coward.

It’s as simple as that.

Now there’s a caveat here – if you have a better plan, bring it forward and convince us that you have a different idea. Thus far, all of the myriad of bills passed in the House have accomplished exactly nothing. So what’s your plan for reversing course on Obamacare? Do you have a plan? Or do you just plan to do the equivalent of crawling into a fetal position in the closet and cowering in fear?" --Bill S.

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Barry Popik said...

Stephen Colbert did a piece on the rodeo clown story on Friday. He ended it by saying that the tea party put a Hitler mustache on Obama. Everyone knows, however, that this was NOT THE TEA PARTY, but Lyndon LaRouche supporters. Can someone get at apology from Colbert's people for flat out lying?