Saturday, August 24, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: BOOM: 80 House Republicans tell John Boehner to defund Obamacare

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BOOM: 80 House Republicans tell Boehner to defund Obamacare: Scoop
Obama’s Long List of Broken Promises: Peter Wehner
Thugocracy and Obama’s Sons: DeRP

Ms. Wordsmith: Hillary Clinton Quotes from 8 Different Books: Digest
Obama Has Begun the Takeover of College Education in the US: Sara Noble
At Last: Bisexual Forum at the White House: Wayne Dupree

Ayo Kimathi DHS race war pimp gets vacation with paid leave: FAM
Thousands gather at a candlelight vigil for Delbert Belton: FAM
Alleged OK, WA Killers Have Common Thread: Violent Rap: Tom Blumer


What A Shock – Obama’s Plan Won’t Lower Cost Of College: LoneCon
Ex-McDonald's CEO: Obamacare Forcing 25-Hour Work Week: Breitbart
CFTC Coming At HFT: P&F

Scandal Central

Lawlessness in the Executive: Jeffrey H. Anderson
DHS Employee Promotes Anti-White Genocide: Travis Melvin
Surprise! Barry Soetoro Voter Registration FOIA Request Denied By DC Election Board: Dean Garrison

Climate & Energy

Former EPA official charged with stealing nearly $900K: Cowboy
Fukishima ‘Much Worse’ Than We Thought: James Joyner
Scrooser Electric Scooter: "A Harley-Davidson For The Sidewalk": Antony Ingram


Obama DHS hired racist official accused of advocating killing whites: PJM
You Will Either Fight or Die: AWD
Cowboys: Gary Spina

Missouri State Senator Drops F-Bomb on Twitter, Deletes Tweet Later (Screenshots): Missouri Torch
Obama’s Falsity Turns Even Supporters Away: Jaye Ryan
Media blackout: Nurse shot to death on the streets of Memphis: Examiner

Ron Paul Participates in Holocaust Denial Conference: Ace
Palin calls DHS race scandal ‘stupidity on steroids,’ ‘un-flipping-believable’: Cheryl Carpenter Klimek
Liberals should not listen to Conservative Pundits?: Steve DeFillippo


Boom! Evidence U.S. Bribed Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood?: Walid Shoebat
Religion of Bigotry: FPM
Never Forget: Why bikers are descending on DC on 9/11 to Counter-Protest the Million Muslim March: RS

New UN Ambassador vacationing during critical meetings; only 19 days on job: BPR
Restaurant in Pattaya: C&S
Quietly, businesses help reshape U.S. immigration debate: Andy Sullivan, Reuters


You did read your Instagram Terms of Service?: Protein Wisdom
Why Steve Ballmer Failed: Nicholas Thompson, The New Yorker
First Drive: 542bhp Jaguar XJR: Top Gear


Video: If gun control worked, Chicago would be Mayberry: Jazz Shaw
Who is your favorite cartoonist?: C&S
today’s KisPSA: Sondrakistan

Image: Sondrakistan
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: 9/11 Million Muslim March In D.C. To Be Met By 2 Million Bikers

QOTD: "If you want to get called on, wear the president’s face on your shirt." --President Barack Obama

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