Saturday, August 17, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The Liberty Amendments

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The Liberty Amendments: John Hayward
Making Constitutional Restoration a Reality: Jeffrey W. Barrett
Just before Snowden Leaks, Obama fired most of his intel advisers: TechDirt

It Isn’t About A Clown: Missouri’s History Of Attacking Dissent: Dana Loesch
At Townhall, Rep. Tom Cole Downplays Benghazi and Obamacare: MagNote
Lewiston police unveil armored vehicle at Night Out: Sun Journal


Food Stamp Trafficking Up 30% From 2008 to 2011: WS
What's Phony? An Economic Recovery: Jim O'Sullivan
Illegal Alien Students Demand Lower Tuition in North Carolina: Breitbart

Ladies, prepare for TSA Operation Boob Squeeze.: NakedDC
Going Around Congress, Again: Elephant
Moody's downgrades Cook County bond rating--over pensions: Marathon

Scandal Central

Dems Warn NSA Violations Just ‘Tip of a Larger Iceberg’: Bridget Johnson
Rep. Kinzinger: Hillary “Yelled” at Us for Suggesting Benghazi was Terror Attack: IM41
NSA Violations ‘Just the Tip of a Larger Iceberg,’ Say Wyden, Udall: Niels Lesniewski

Climate & Energy

EPA Chief Demands People Stop Arguing Global Warming Isn’t Real: WZ
Dope: William A. Jacobson
Obama forges ahead with green energy agenda despite congressional opposition: Doug McKelway


Big Oops – Business Insider says Reince Preibus did not say self-deportation “racist”: William A. Jacobson
Business Insider Forced to Apologize for Lying About RNC Chairman's Romney Remarks: Randy Hall
EMILY's List Demands Apology from Vogue...Just Kidding!: Sunshine State Sarah

Mark Levin's "The Liberty Amendments" -- What You Can Do to Save the Country: Rush Limbaugh
CBS: Three more Fast and Furious guns recovered at Mexican crime scenes: Guns
How The Corrupt Establishment Is Selling Moral Bankruptcy To America: Brandon Smith


Egypt Disintegrating: Jeffrey Carter
Tallying the Destruction: Coptic World
#ObamaMotherHasNoHair trends; Angry Egyptians lay on the smack talk: Twitchy

September 11, 2012: A day that will live in infamy: James Lewis
A Survivor’s Memory, an Ill-Fated Peace Process: Abraham H. Miller
FIGURES: Muslim Brotherhood Rioter Sports Obama T-Shirt: J. Christian Adams


PRISM Prompts Deeper Probe of US Tech Players: David Vranicar
Samsung Said to Unveil Wristwatch-Like Smartphone Next Month: Jungah Lee
Elon Musk’s Hyperloop gets its own hilarious Taiwanese animated video: Sean Ludwig


Playing Spades: Hopenchange
These Just In: C&S (NSFW)
Nooz From the Heartland: Sondrakistan

Image: Muslim Brotherhood Supporter Wears Barack Obama T-Shirt
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Morality is a highly misunderstood component of human nature. Some people believe they can create moral guidelines from thin air based on their personal biases and prejudices. Some people believe that morality comes from the force of bureaucracy and government law. Still, others believe that there is no such thing; that morality is a facade created by men in order to better grease the wheels of society.

All of these world views discount the powerful scientific and psychological evidence surrounding Natural Law — the laws that human beings form internally due to inherent conscience regardless of environmental circumstances. When a person finally grasps inborn morality, the whole of the world comes into focus. The reality is that we are not born “good” or “evil.” Rather, we are all born with the capacity for good AND evil, and this internal battle stays with us until the end of our days.

Every waking moment we are given a choice, a test of our free will, to be ruled by desire and fear, or to do what we know at our very core is right. When a man silences his inner voice, the results can be terrible for him and those around him. When an entire culture silences its inner voice, the results can be catastrophic..." --Brandon Smith

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