Thursday, August 29, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Rush Limbaugh Derangement Syndrome, Obama-Style

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Rush Limbaugh Derangement Syndrome, Obama-Style: George Neumayr
Is Our Leadership About To Commit Treason?: Karl Denninger
Nation’s only black Senator not invited to speak at MOW: Francesca Chambers

Still Nothing to See Here: Mark Steyn
Man who gives speech on anything won't inform public on Syria war: Ace
Congressman: Obama is ‘Liar-in-Chief’ and ‘More Like a King’: Matthew Burke

15 Moronic Things Liberals Call Racism Since 2008: John Hawkins
The Case for Liberty and an Article V Convention – Part III: CDN
Police Militarization: It’s Gone Too Far: Realities

Obama promises mayors unilateral action on guns: Times
Once More into the Snake Pit: Cal Thomas
Defund Boehnercare: NoisyRm


When Rationality Breaks Down, So Does the Economy: J.R. Nyquist
Another delay on O'Boehnercare ‘exchanges’: Moe Lane
Setback for Sutter after $1B EHR crashes: Erin McCainn

Scandal Central

Mother Jones: "Internal Documents Reveal...FBI Blew Fort Hood": Ace
Obamacare “Navigators” Told To “Smile” When They Sign People Up For Obamacare Train Wreck: WZ
Operation Fast and Furious Fast Facts: CNN

Climate & Energy

Get on board shale revolution: Mark J. Perry


Media Fails to Mention Murderer is Illegal Immigrant: JW
Thug Tries The Knockout Game With An Armed Man in Lansing, MI – Gets Popped In The Leg: Nice Deb
Heh: Brooklyn Criminal Apprehended After He Trips Over Sagging Jeans During Attempted Getaway: JWF

It's Super-media: With the power to detect non-existent racism!: Ann Coulter
CONFEDERACY: The New Democrat Talking Point Has Been Issued: Glob
The Myth of a Runaway Amendments Convention: Rob Natelson


Kucinich: Syria Strike Would Make the US Air Force ‘Al Qaeda’s Air Force’: Bryan Preston
Why Is Obama Leaking Syria Plans?: Jonathan S. Tobin
NYPD Designates Mosques as Terrorist Organizations: James Daniels


Researchers successfully reverse-engineer Dropbox : Rob Marvin, SD Times
Custom Elements: Defining new elements in HTML: Eric Bidelman
How Cisco Uses Social Media to Close Big Sales (And More): Al Urbanski, DM News


Can't Fight the NSA?: Claire Wolfe
Pictures Suddenly Mean So Little: Wrinkles
Political QQQ: Maggie's Farm

Image: Get on board shale revolution
Sponsored by: Call John Boehner's office now ((513) 779-5400), tell him: pull the plug on Obamacare

QOTD: "Concealed within President Obama’s carping about Rush Limbaugh is a distaste for democracy. Obama is not the first aspiring tyrant to complain that the pen is mightier than the sword, or in this case, that the pundit is mightier than the president...

...He represents a familiar figure in history: the left-wing revolutionary who rises to power by praising dissent, then stays in power by trying to suppress it. This suppression is usually cast in terms of “civility,” respect for government, or whatever other cant works at the moment...

...Somehow Obama’s concerns about civility didn’t stop him from writing a glowing blurb for domestic terrorist Bill Ayers or dissuade him from attending the “God damn America” sermons of Jeremiah Wright. Out of power, Obama defined dissent as patriotism. In power, he treats it as near-treason..." --George Neumayr

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