Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The Ongoing Farce

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The Ongoing Farce: Liberty's Torch
Debunking the Defund Obamacare Myths: Erick Erickson
Birtherism's Sudden Respectability: Ace

Illegal aliens demand lower college tuition than the rest of us: John Hawkins
Hooray! Obama To Hit The Road To Talk About Affordable College: RWN
An apology letter to Mr. Obama: Matt Walsh

America's Tyranny Threshold: Eileen F. Toplansky
Obama’s Work to Welfare Program: Streiff
Crazy Mary Landrieu: I’d Vote For Obamacare Again: HayRide


Affordable Care Act kills off NJ's only affordable health care plan: WyBlog
America’s Retirement Woes: Entitlement Ponzi: Pocket Full of Liberty
Obama golfing yet again, this time with Bain Capital donor: Scared Monkeys

Welfare Pays Better Than Entry Level Jobs: Moonbattery
Forever 21 now lacking healthcare as well as taste: NakedDC
It's Official: Obama Deficits More Than $1T 4 Years in a Row: CNS

Scandal Central

NSA Critics, Right All Along : Charles C. W. Cooke
The ruling class war against voter ID: John Hayward
Unpublished memo: Obamacare has missed half its legal deadlines: BPR


Chicago Tribune: Time to Delay and Rewrite the ‘Clumsy Monstrosity’ That is ObamaCare: JWF
Obama Administration Announces Youth Obamacare Video Propaganda Contest: Andrew Evans
Obama backers will go hysterical over this well-sourced list of 252 examples of lawbreaking, corruption...: WJ

An Extended Excerpt from the Book Mentioned by "Required Reading," Christian Nation: Ace
‘Mock Obama Day’ may never end: Andrea Shea King
Salon Admits Obama Lied About NSA Snooping on Americans: Matthew Burke

Mother Jones Meets the Mob: Ed Driscoll
A broader overview of Levin’s Liberty Amendments project: Protein Wisdom
Death Threat Democrat Declares Greg Abbott To Be A "Twittidiot" For Staffer's Error: Rhymes With Right


America’s Problems in the Middle East Are Just Beginning: Spengler
Mubarak's Muslim Brotherhood Prophecy Comes True: Raymond Ibrahim
Muslim Scholar Goes Off on ‘Million Muslim March’ Organizer: ‘You’re a Stooge and a Frontman’: Jason Howerton

Whose Side Is Obama On?: Daniel Greenfield
Kansas Elementary Teaching Students About The Five Pillars of Islam: WZ
Islamist mob parades nuns in Cairo as prisoners of war after six hours looting church school: Daily Mail


Microsoft: Upgrade from Windows XP or risk infinite "zero-days": Dan Kaplan, SCMag
HTTP error code 451: "Unavailable For Legal Reasons": Sophos
Late To The Game, Is VMware Turning Against OpenStack Or Embracing It?: Alex Williams, TechCrunch


BOOM: Ted Cruz to renounce Canadian citizenship: Scoop
‘Impeach Obama’ Protesters Arrested for Peaceably Assembling: Greg Campbell
a haiku that, for no reason whatever, imagines Ronald Reagan as Barack Obama: Protein Wisdom

Image: Hi-Res Hillary - iOwnTheWorld
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QOTD: "A great cartoon during the Carter years had two beefy, exhausted men with rolled up sleeves briefing a two-foot high Carter looking at a map of Afghanistan. "Oh, I get it," exclaimed Carter. "The Russians are bad guys!"

Our own malevolent naïf's membership in the Choom Gang and his two drop-in senatorial gigs appear to have been an inadequate preparation for the business of conducting serious statecraft as president of what was hitherto considered to be a country to be reckoned with. Clueless – one can only hope – as to the basics of economic growth and fiscal sanity, Mr. Obama has also rushed to intervene in every pestilential backwater south of Sicily and east of Cyprus. He has embraced the hateful Muslim Brotherhood and championed the interests of millions of third-world illegal immigrants over those of his own people. There simply are NO federal policies today that are not remarkable for the absurdity of their goals, the destructiveness of their effects, or the malevolence of their formulation.

This is a president who plays at being president, assuming that another phone call from Percy Sutton, one more tirade from Al Sharpton, or one more presidential speech to some class of rapt fifth graders or liberal suckers will silence all critics and set things back on track. " --Col. B. Bunny

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K-Bob said...

I don't remember seeing that pic among the out-takes and press photos for the Emperor in Star Wars.

What was that, just before the green makeup went on?