Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Speaker John Boehner’s mission? Defend the Constitution

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Speaker John Boehner’s mission? Defend the Constitution : Betsy McCaughey
The Street Sweeper: Erick Erickson
National Right to Life hits home run where it counts, Buzzfeed: Anne Sorock

Defunding Obamacare: The Danger Of Not Trying: Jay Caruso
Colorado’s Grassroots Revolt Against Gun-Grabbers: Michelle Malkin
GOP Begins Whispers of Impeaching Obama: Bill Straub

Syria: “Rhetorical Flourishes” and Other Wag the Dog Strategies: MOTUS
Cops: WWII Vet's Was 'Fighting Back'; No 'Racism' Involved: Doug Giles
New Madison Project radio ad slams McConnell: ConIntel


Martin Luther King Jr.’s real message: Jonah Goldberg
The union label is wearing thin: Scott Reeder
Jim Rogers: Financial Calamity is Coming: Silver Doctors

Scandal Central

NSA Leaker Outed as a Russian Agent: Cliff Kincaid
Stop whining, alarmists: Obama DIDN’T BAN ammonium nitrate: Protein Wisdom
U.S. Gov't Funding $313M in Mortgages—For Palestinians on West Bank: CNS

Climate & Energy

Biggest Oil Man In The Bakken: Keystone Pipeline Is No Longer Needed: Rob Port


Former Hillary Press Secretary Refuses to Agree Alger Hiss Was a Communist: John Fund
Pittsburgh: Black Girls Viciously Beat White Woman, Charged With “Ethnic Intimidation”: WZ
James Woods tweets ‘priceless’ photo of Obama preparing address on racial hatred: Tom Tillison

National Right to Life hits home run where it counts, Buzzfeed: Flopping Aces
Sarah Palin: Mark Levin's ‘The Liberty Amendments’ offers a real solution: Josh Painter
Loony Left Post of the Day: LoneCon

Sure, But Cowardice is NOT a Winning Strategy: Emperor Misha
UNREAL: Jesse Jackson Says Tea Party “Is The Resurrection of The Confederacy”: WZ
Dr. Phil’s Drunken Sex Escapade: Kathy Shaidle


Biden in 2007: I Will Move To Impeach Bush If He Bombs Iran Without Congressional Approval: Ace
If Bush lied then Obama is Lying now: Keith Davies
Florida: Mosque to broadcast Islamic call to prayer, Councilman says potential noise ‘nuisance’: Creeping

The U.S.'s Proof of a Syrian Army Chemical Attack Is an Intercepted Call: Abby Ohlheiser
The Race to Blur Obama's Red Line: Rush Limbaugh
Al Jazeera America Bombs: Atlas

Arguing against "Limited" Strikes on the Assad Regime: Daniel Pipes
Top 10 Reasons Why the U.S. Should Not Sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty: AmmoLand
Muslim Group Gets its Ass Kicked in Canada: Geller and Spencer Can Speak: Atlas


Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and the parting of the ways: Dan Farber, CNet
Syrian Electronic Army implicated in Twitter, New York Times attacks: Stephen Shankland, CNet
BILL WATTERSON: A cartoonist’s advice: Zen Pencils


Obama, Kerry, Bush et al discuss Syria on Facebook: CainTV
A Failed ATF Sting in Milwaukee: David Hardy
Moped Rider Leads 10 Cops On Absurd Hour-Long Chase: Patrick George

Image: Sarah Palin, via Josh Painter
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QOTD: "The single most common, and most annoying, argument offered in defense of the democratic totalitarian surveillance state must be, "If you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide." This rhetorical argument has been around for generations, is used the world over, and is offered with equal boldness by progressives and conservatives alike...

There is only one small problem with this ubiquitous argument for coerced transparency... it is utterly unsound, both logically and morally.

...Was Miep Gies doing something wrong when she hid Anne Frank and others in an attic in an effort to save them from the Nazi regime? Should she have invited the SS to search the premises? After all, "If she hadn't done anything wrong, she had nothing to hide." Were the representatives of the American colonies at the First Continental Congress wrong to meet in secret to discuss a response to the Intolerable Acts? Should they have allowed representatives of the British government to attend the meetings, take notes, and collect the names and correspondence of all those in attendance? After all, "One who hasn't done anything wrong has nothing to hide."" --Daren Jonescu

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