Friday, August 23, 2013

Awesome: 9/11 Million Muslim March In D.C. To Be Met By... ... ... Wait For It... ... ... 2 Million Bikers

Guest post by ZIP

Update to this story.

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Via: Weasel Zippers.


Anonymous said...

I hope they scare the hell out of these unwanted Muslim pukebags. I nkow if the Muslims try anything the good ole' USA boys will kick ass and not bother to take names, as they would be too hard to spell anyway.

Anonymous said...

"The sound of an American V-twin is one of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard."

Said B. Hussein Obama never

Anonymous said...

This warms my heart! Yes bikers - let 'er roar!

FranklySpeaking said...

Can anyone help with some pointers on where we can help sponsor the riders? I would like to see the blogosphere get behind the bikers.