Thursday, August 22, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The RNC's horrific open-borders pandering

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The RNC's horrific open-borders pandering: Michelle Malkin
IRS Gets Rid of Obamacare Penalties: Erick Erickson
Ben Shapiro: Obamacare designed to fail, bring about single-payer: Breitbart

Hillary 2016? Nope.: Donald Sensing
AFL-CIO not at all happy with White House and ObamaCare: Erika Johnsen
DNC Fundraising Hits the Skids: Byron Tau and Priya Anand, Politico


NY Down $50 Billion Due to Residents Leaving for Lower-Tax States: MenRec
Union boss: Hey, who's up for a federal bailout of Detroit?: David Freddoso
Beware Warrior Cops: John Stossel

Obamacare: UPS drops coverage for 15,000 spouses: John Hayward
Delta Airlines and the $100 Million Costs of Obamacare: Erick Erickson
ACT: only 1 in 20 African American students 'fully ready' for college: Post

Scandal Central

Report: NSA doesn’t know the extent of Snowden damage: Instapundit
Another Filner Problem for Democrats?: Instapundit
Executive Order – Obama Tells Schools Not To Discipline Black Students: IM41


Universal Nightmare – Will America Survive? – Mark Levin Weighs In: NoisyRm
The Tao of the Pooh-ba: MOTUS
Figures: Media Matters Gushes Over Al Jazeera's Anti-American Propaganda: Jamie Weinstein

Jesse Jackson Goes Out on a Limb: Ed Driscoll
AT&T Sued by Al Jazeera America After It Refuses to Carry the Network: TheBlaze
Michelle Malkin schools Democrat who blames Okla. gun laws for Australian college student shooting: Scoop

James O’Keefe Humiliates Anti-Gun Liberal, Piers Morgan: John Hawkins
Levin’s The Liberty Amendments Will Debut on NYT Bestseller List as #1: Jen Kuznicki
Darrell Issa Tweets Surprising List: Reasons Not To Stop Obamacare: John Hawkins


Arab Media: Obama's Secret $8 Billion Deal With The Muslim Brotherhood: JoshuaPundit
Obama’s Jewel of Denial: George Neumayr
Camille Paglia Trashes Hillary For 2016, Says Benghazi Disqualified Her: Glob

If Syria's deadly poison gas attack doesn't cross Obama's 'red line,' what does?: Keith Wagstaff
Why Obama Is Looking More and More Like Jimmy Carter: JWF
White House Spokesman on Obama's "Red Line": “I didn’t bring my red pen out today...": FreeLight


The Internet’s 9 Most Hated Companies: Brian Ries
Bowflex Boost fitness band coming to market in September for $50: Zachary Lutz
German IT officials reportedly deem Windows 8 too ‘dangerous’ to use: Brad Reed


Elmore Leonard, Cowboy: Steven Malanga
Remember When Democrats Abhorred Federal Debt?: IMAO
Now a Word From Obama on the Chris Lane Killing: Moonbattery

Image: Syrian activists accuse government of deadly chemical attack near Damascus
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: 2 Millions Bikers to DC on 9/11

QOTD: "In Alabama, there's now a law that any student in one of the state's 78 failing schools may be permitted to escape to a non-failing school. $3,500 is provided as partial (or full) payment of any costs that might be associated with such a move.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is suing the state to block this scheme.

Why? Well, actually, because they are simply creatures of the left and are doing a solid for the most important constituency of the left, Government School Union Teachers (and the bad ones, too, because the good ones have less need of union bargaining power).

But their stated claim is this: They found eight families who say $3500 isn't enough to get their kids the help they need and hence the law is "discriminatory," and ergo is unconstitutional.

So all children must continue to suffer with those eight." --Ace o' Spades

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