Sunday, August 10, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Border Patrol Agent: 'These People Are Coming Here to Do Horrible Things'

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Border Patrol: 'These People Are Coming Here to Do Horrible Things': Breitbart
Gangs Of Armed Mexicans In Military Fatigues Marching Through S. Texas: WZ
Texas Rancher Says Numbers of Illegals Are ‘Overwhelming’ on His Land: VDARE

Obama calls reporter’s question ‘BOGUS and WRONG', but...: Scoop
Look! Obama’s Working!: Keith Koffler
Democrats Contort Themselves to Support Obama’s Airstrikes in Iraq: LI

Pro-Terrorist Activists March On UN In Protest Of Israel: RWN
Radical Chicago Progressive Activists March In Support Of ISIS!: ProgsToday
Miami Rabbi Shot and KIlled on Way to Synagogue: Pamela Geller

Unity With The Lesser of Two Evils: Jen Kuznicki
RNC’s Reince Priebus Enlists In Democrats’ War on Whites: James Kirkpatrick
QOTD: Wrong Two Dirty Little Words For the Antiwar Left edition: Moe Lane


Have You Taken Your Obama Oath?: David Harsanyi
A Compact Insight: Liberty's Torch
Billion Dollar Smiles: Norman Hooben

Scandal Central

Is it time to view the Obama administration as a criminal enterprise?: Mark Tapscott
Government Has No Receipts for Thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children : Ryan Lovelace
James O’Keefe Teases Investigative Report on US Border Security: ProgsToday

Climate & Energy

Michael Mann So Concerned With Warming-Induced Wildfires, He Took Long Fossil-Fueled Trip: Cove
Texas may ignore EPA climate rule: Timothy Cama, The Hill
Water Wars in Iraq and Around the World: Tara Sonenshine


He’s Merely Phoning it In Now: Treehouse
Many a Truth: Obama Says 'I Don't Worry About Israel's Survival': NB
A Conversation With Institute for Policy Studies Scholar and Hamazi Lover Phyllis Bennis: Hugh Hewitt

ABC Employee, Obama Voter Rosie O’Donnell Brands ABC News, Barack Obama as Liars: Ed Driscoll
Playing the Gamechanger: MOTUS
Hollywood Studios Blacklist Penelope Cruz over Gaza Letter Accusing Israel of 'Genocide': Fiona Keating


Was General Greene a Victim of ‘Workplace Violence’ Too?: Andrew C. McCarthy
Feinstein Warns of Risk of ISIL Attack on America, Says Must Be Confronted: Instapundit
As Obama Launches Another Iraq Assault, Here Is An Undercover Look Inside ISIS: ZH

Child Beheadings, Forced Conversion: A ‘Christian Holocaust’ Is Happening Right Before Our Eyes: IJR
Muslims Create “Marketplace” For 500 Captive Women. Here’s What They Will Be Sold For: UFP
We Have 3 Options in Iraq—And They're All Bad Ones: PopMech

What Do You Actually Know About ISIS?: Rick Jensen
Women Stoned To Death By ISIS For Adultery: WZ
Jihad Black Flag, Communist Hammer & Sickle at Hamas Pro-Terror March in London: AmPower

Holy War Arrives in Germany: Soeren Kern
London Times rejects Wiesel ad against Hamas ‘child sacrifice’ : Pamela Geller
The Old Continent’s Road to Ruin (Through Moscow): Don Quijones

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

3 dead in TB outbreak at Atlanta homeless shelters: 11-Alive
How we got here: a visual history of US mobile companies: Biz Carson
Canada Quarantines Man From Nigeria With Ebola-Like Symptoms: WZ


Media leaders never accept change gracefully: Dave Winer
Police: NASCAR's Tony Stewart Hits, Kills Fellow Driver: L. Carol Ritchie
14-Year-Old Gang Member Ambushes Man, Dies In Hail Of Return Fire: Bearing Arms

Image: @TomGara - Pro-ISIS protesters rally in Hyde Park - London
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QOTD: "This week the RNC wouldn’t even hear resolutions about the censuring of Henry Barbour for those racist ads that his PAC paid for. No, the Republican Party is not conservative, and it wants nothing to do with the tea party. And if there are huge losses in November, as I and others have warned about, because of the reckless indecent and immoral ways in which the current corporatist leadership deals with half of their constituency, no one will be able to blame conservatives or the tea party.

There can be no unity when the party doesn’t wish to build coalitions with, or at least appease their base. The Party has to change tactics and course.

Conservatives are angry, yes, but also sad, because we see the potential in every human being, being laid to waste by the policies of the progressive, totalitarian left. We are also angry and sad about a party with such potential, being abused by the unprincipled men eager to swim in the cash generated by fleecing America.

Conservatives know that there are dark days ahead for the country and the world while America is weakened by such men. Some may vote for the lesser of two evils and some won’t, but unity with a party that crosses the line of how they treat their own base, giving preferential treatment to who is supposedly their enemy, just ain’t gonna happen." --Jen Kuznicki

1 comment:

Redwine said...

I'm thoroughly disgusted by these Bloviating Rovian GOP weasels. I'm also tired of them and their slimeball tactics. They would rather sell out to a Dem than shore up support from the principled base.
The GOP deserves to die a horrible and painful death.
Time for a third party and well-organized write-in campaigns.