Thursday, February 11, 2010

With Oil, Natural Gas, Clean Coal and Nuclear Power Off the Table, President Obama Turns to Magic Solar Energy Beans™

Sensing the opportunity for another sizable taxpayer ripoff, renewable energy executives and President Obama have proposed a "federal standard for renewable energy".

With China moving ahead of the pack in alternative energy production, executives from the US wind, solar, biomass and geothermal sectors are pushing for a federal standard for renewable energy that could create more jobs and economic growth for the nation. [Ed: Are those the fabled "green collar" jobs we heard so much about during the Obama campaign? Is there an APB out for those?]

With a federal standard, a larger percentage of power generation would need to come from sustainable resources in the US. [Ed: and with a federal standard in place, we could also demand fat-free doughnuts and singing unicorns for all of the children.]

At present, more than 30 countries including China and members of the EU have established renewable energy standards. Within the US, 29 states have established renewable energy standards, however, there has yet to be a national regulation. President Barack Obama has been urging Congress to approve one that would require 25 percent clean power by 2025. [Why not 99% percent clean power by 2025? Let's put a stake in the ground if we're going to kill the economy, dammit!]

Fortunately, President Obama has promised that, by the time he leaves office in 2017, government will provide each American with a plentiful supply of Magic Solar Energy Beans™.

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