Friday, February 26, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Now is not the time for weakness

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Blowhard-a-thon at Blair House: Malkin
The Main Event: Ryan v. Obama: WklyStd
The Unforgiving Minutes: Corner

Intolerable then. Intolerable now.: Eternity Road
Rangel's Culture of Corruption: MagNote
CA Senate Primary Plays Into Democrat Hands: Kesler

Now is not the time for weakness: LegalIns
ObamaCare Strategy Sabotages Bipartisan Summit: BigGovt
Michelle Obama's Hospital Turned Aware Poor: S&L

Hundreds rally against Obamacare at Blair House: GWP
Tea Partiers seek recall of Demo Senators: Times


Greece Reveals Our Near Future: RWN
Obama's Chicago Boys and a $30B Slush Fund: AT
Predictably, Jobless Numbers Unexpectedly Rise, Again: Riehl

Public Sector Unions - Toxin, Crisis and Opportunity: Wolf
"Either they can't read, they can't add or they can't comprehend": Marathon
The deathbed of Keynesian economics:

The Last Bubble: Belmont Club

Climate & Energy

Things Scientists Say: Blair
Climategate: what to do about Barbara Boxer?: PJM
The Return of The Son of Thermageddon II, The Sequel: CBullitt

McCain Outflanks Moonbats on the Left: RWN
Higher Jobless Due to Global Warming: S&L
Y2Kyoto: Springtime For Gore: SDA


Obama and the MSM Define Bipartisan the Chicago Way: It’s ‘the Combine’: BigJournalism
USN&WR: Michigan awesome 'cause it created 11,000 "green" jobs (while losing 400,000 real jobs): BlogProf
In Today’s Health-Care Debate, Reputations Will Be Won and Lost: BigJournalism

Top 20 Quotes from CPAC 2010: RWN
Media reactions to KabukiCare Summit: Wizbang
Powerless against Palin: AT

ABC News to Obama: 'You Lie!': JWF
What could be duller than a Canadian bank?: SDA
Tigers Weep: Princeton Hires Van Jones: TigerHawk


Democrats vs. the CIA: Fausta
Single-payer hell in the U.K.: BlogProf
American-British relations continue to deteriorate: Pools

Wonders never cease: OAS report rebukes Venezuela on human rights: Fausta
Feds probe Goldman over Greek debt: S&L


Microsoft Takes Down Whistleblower Site, Read the Secret Doc Here: Wired
Leak at Dubai Aquarium floods mall: Maktoob


The Doctor's Visit: Nate Bloch
Teach Your Children Well: Mirror
Stock Market Report: Theo Spark

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