Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Unhealthiest City in America

Ryan Seacrest presents:

The Unhealthiest City in America

Mmmm. Pizza for breakfast.


vermindust said...

"Jamie Oliver" is an anagram for "Jailer Movie". He hass VEYS of makeing you THEEN.

Anonymous said...

Consider: I cook a lot. I gave up on most processed foods and committed to preparing my own meals rather than nuking things and the fast-food, ready-made meals diet.

However, my water bill is much, much higher (gotta' wash those plates, pots & pans!), my garbage production is higher, my utility bills are higher (cooking.

Also, let's say all our overweight and obese DO become thinner and healthier. The life expectancy rate will go way up and will the Social Security payments doled out be the same as the lesser costs to the health care system?

Just asking.......

Bones said...

He should go to where it is really unhealthy. Maybe one of those places where people are starving. People don't choose to starve, but in America, most have a choice to eat unhealthy foods and that's called freedom.

BonnieRadcliffe said...


Yeah, you could say it's called freedom, but in some cases it's not because of latitude of choice. Many fat people only eat junk food because they don't really know anything else. And I think there's nothing wrong with it it somebody wants to give them a wake-up call, like Jamie does.