Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some possible uses for those Obama collector plates you bought for $20 apiece and which are now selling for $2 at Big Lots

Purple Avenger just returned from a trip to Big Lots and spotted those wicked cool Obama Presidential Collector plates selling for two bucks apiece.

Just got back from Big Lots while making my weekly Arugula and Wagu Beef run and they had a big stack of handsomely boxed limited run Obama commemorative plates for $2. They used to sell for $20+S&H on TV. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Even though they were placed on an endcap at the front of the store, it didn't look like they were moving.

Anyone want to wager this rather embarrassing remaindered stock vanishes very quickly due to an "anonymous" bulk buy?

The helpful commenters at AoS offered some intriguing potential "recycling opportunities" for the discounted plates.

• Christmas presents for anyone who voted for Obama

• Cat Plate!

• Dick Cheney Cardiac Rehab: Skeet Shooting

• The Obamabilia Museum

• Indonesia bought them for the state dinner when he visits next month.

• ObamaCare bedpans

• Step 1: Buy 'em all up. Step 2: Donate to charity. Step 3: Write off as charitable deduction at pre-electile dysfunction price. Step 4: Profit (until notice received from IRS).

• Appetite suppressant

Via Larwyn and a whole bunch of crackhead, moron racists at AoS. Update: Visual aid.

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Stopthepresses2 said...

From Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Collectors are sifting through a sea of Barack Obama memorabilia searching for items that will be the gems of the future instead of tomorrow's junk, the Washington Post reports. Vast quantities of knick-knacks, ranging from dancing presidential dolls to Obama mints, have left even experts stumped about what to buy.
The rarest collectible is said to be an audio tape of Obama telling the truth. Although it is said to exist, as of yet no one has found this priceless treasure.