Sunday, February 28, 2010

Illegal Immigration By the Numbers

240,000: the number of illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States, a "conservative" estimate according to a study by the Violent Crime Institute. Over the 88-month study, illegal aliens were responsible for an estimated 960,000 violent sex crimes in the U.S.

4-10,000,000: the number of illegal aliens who crossed into the United States in 2005, bringing with them 5.6 to 11.2 million pounds of cocaine and 34.3 to 68.6 million pounds of marijuana. As many as 19,500 aliens originated in countries identified as state sponsors of terror, according to the Department of Homeland Security. This figure includes members of Hezbollah who have already entered the United States across the southwest border; and agents of Venezuela, which is providing falsified documentation for entry into the U.S. illegally.

$2,200,000,000: the amount spent on food assistance programs for illegal aliens including food stamps, WIC, free school lunches, etc. each year.

$2,500,000,000: the amount spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens annually.

$3,000,000,000: the approximate annual federal spending to house non-U.S. citizens in federal prisons, which represents roughly 30% of the prison population according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Most of non-citizen prison population is comprised of illegal aliens.

$12,000,000,000: the amount spent each year on primary and secondary public education for children in the U.S. illegally, many of whom cannot speak English.

$17,000,000,000: the amount spent each year on primary and secondary public education for American-born children of illegal aliens, known as 'anchor babies'.

$11-22,000,000,000: the amount spent on welfare for illegal aliens by state governments each year.

$50,000,000,000: the amount spent annually on providing welfare and social services to illegal aliens by federal taxpayers.

$200,000,000,000: the amount of "suppressed American wages" caused by illegal immigration and lax policies such as H-1B programs.

What are the true costs of illegal immigration to American citizens? In hard dollar terms, it's hundreds of billions -- all of which could be better used elsewhere, especially in these tough economic times.


Brittanicus said...

Westat, a research company was hired to evaluate the E-Verify software for the Homeland Security Department to identify illegal labor cheating the system. The company stated that E-Verify missed so many illegal workers mainly because it cannot detect identity fraud. But then anybody with one brain cell in their head E-Verify is only as good as the databases it uses? Of course it not perfected yet? But then if 9 out of 10 illegal illegal immigrants slip though the US Border patrol gauntlet, according to the Arizona Tuscon sector, as that's not 100 percent proof either? Work out those illegal alien numbers for yourself for those who are never snared? It's millions each year. That why the tired old number of 12 million living here unrestrained, makes no sense either? The E-Verify system, the state-county-city police apprehension federal training program, the Southern border fence, the No match IRS verification letters, even ICE raids have all been compromised.

On the outside they are all seen to work for the public eye, but under the skin they are either underfunded or some other mechanism used to undermine its use. Most politicians are payed-off by the massive business sector, to allow the free movement of discount labor. E-Verify was nearly crippled from the start by Sen.Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi and nearly tabled before it seeing the light of day. Even though it slipped through, it is only funded for three years. Because of its powerful potential it needs to be a permanent program, that cannot be touched by the open border organizations. Every disreputable corporate concern is livid that legislators have allowed it to become very popular amongst honest business. Business owners who use illegal foreign labor have used every method to repudiate the use of E-Verify throughout America.

Certain Governors, Mayors, judges and other elected officials have tried to blacklist E-Verify, as monetary favors for Wall Street and a whole volume of organizations such as the Catholic church, other religious groups, unions, ACLU, La Raza and open border extremists who profit from illegal immigration. American workers, citizens and legal residents must demand that E-Verify becomes permanent, fully funded and where no business remains untouched? There should be a timetable of ICE audits and lightening raids, that can even return after a month or two. Any patriotic American can call ICE and report unscrupulous companies using illegal labor. Its the duty of every law abiding citizen or resident. That anybody hiring illegal immigrants after E-Verify can detect fraudulent documentation as the computer program in the immediate future, should go to prison as they are aiding and abetting illegal labor stealing American jobs. SO E-VERIFY REJECTS YOUR JOB APPLICATION? GO TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY AGENCY--TO STRAIGHTEN THE APP OUT? A good Example of not statewide using E-Verify is the SANCTUARY STATE OF CALIFORNIA--THE STATE IS NOW BROKE.

THE LAW SHOULD ALSO BE CHANGED MAKING ILLEGAL ENTRY INTO THE US A FELONY, instead of a slap on the wrist. Only American voters can stop these travesties of our immigration system. We don't need anymore cheap labor, as we have 15 million of our population jobless. We need a "points System" for highly skilled imported labor. We need checks and balances so immigration lawyers cannot cheat the system. We need the 1986 Immigration law enforced, with perhaps new amendments. Tell these corrupt lawmakers in Washington and your states--WHAT YOU WANT--NOT WHAT THEIR BUSINESS BENEFICIARIES WANT? The Washington toilet must be emptied, for our own survival. Call your Representative at 202-224-3121 and demand rigid immigration enforcement.

The cost to the American people for supporting illegal immigrant families is unimaginable. Read the truth about corruption and the illegal immigration occupation of our country at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIALWATCH, IMMIGRATIONBUZZ & RIGHTSIDENEWS.

No Copyright! Pass around. American Jobs for American Workers. One flag, one language.

juan lanza said...

por q hablar solo de las cosas malas q asen los ilegales por q no critican el lado bueno de lo q mi gente aporta a este pais el 85% de los ilegales trabaja bajo el sol arodillado recojiendo los tomates y lechugas q la gente americana usa en las ensaladas son mas los norte americanos q estan perdiendo sus casas por falta de pagos al banco q los hispanos y haber cuando un americano va a un pais hispano es tratado con respeto y en cambio utedes tratan a los hispanos con ratas de alcantarilla por favor vivimos en un mundo q DIOS nos presto y aparte todos somos iguales imajinesen q sean utedes q tengan inmigrar a mexico o a espana piensen un poco con el corazon no solo critiquen lo malo por q nadie esta libre de pecado ok ............................

Anonymous said...

what a joke.....Anyone with half-a brain can read and discover the ridiculousness of these "numbers". But I will just start with the 1st one. The credentials of the single person )not a group or a research firm) that came up with that number of sex offenders is so seriously questionable that it throws doubt on ANYTHING you have here. First of all, while 2% of the general prison population MIGHT be sex offenders, you cannot extrapolate that number to the general population of undocmented people. You are making the assumprion that the same 2% of the general population are sex offenders. Thats like saying that 2% of the general population of the US are sex offenders. And that is wrong. It is two percent of the prison population. A SMALL FRAGMENT of the general population.

Please. get an education.

Anonymous said...

Good point but the 2% of sex offenders could actually be higher once the "general population of undocumented people" are taken in to consideration." And, I do have an education.

Anonymous said...

Good point but the 2% of sex offenders in prisons could increase once the "general population of undocumented people" are taken into consideration. Sex offenders are the filth of society, a financial drain in our prison systems, and their perversive acts are extremely devastating to their victims.
(I do have an education.)