Monday, February 22, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's plan -- fellow Dems are cannon fodder

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Obama's plan -- fellow Dems are cannon fodder: WashExam
Teaming up with Democrats on Healthcare Reform?: AT
Progress into Entropy: Doc Zero

McCain vs. Hayworth: No Contest: PJM
Weekend at Bernie's: Dingell, Conyers running again: BlogProf
I am Sarah Palin's Brain: AT

83,000 heart attacks: the Avandia Question: Hewitt
Is Obama steering the ship of state toward the rocks?: AT
Not Being Frank About Defense: PJM

Colin Powell: Americans too dense to grok Obama: SIGIS
Obama Selects a Voice of Radical Islam: WashExam
Jesse Jackson: I'm Not to Blame for Housing Crisis: BigGovt


Obamocrats: “All your property are belong to us”: Protein
Why the Jobs Aren't Coming Back: Red State
The Glory of Gridlock: PJM

Michigan's Unemployment Debt Bomb: BlogProf
Toyota internal memo: White House activists hurting us: GWP
Dem Governors Worried About Obama Track Record: GWP

Arnold dismisses voter anger as CA sinks: Pundette
The Debt Commission: Knights or Fools?: AT
Public Sector Unions Destroying Cali: RWN

Climate & Energy

ClimateGate: the World's Biggest Story, Everywhere But Here: PJM
Al Gore -- Environmental Saboteur: Barone
Palin: Global Warming Equals Snow Job: GWP

The Most Slimy Essay Ever -- the Guardian and Columbia U.: Watts
Tell Me Again How The AGW Agenda = Saving The Planet: CBullitt


Bill Bennett Reponds to Beck's CPAC Speech: Corner
News from 1933: Driscoll
George Will at CPAC: BlogProf

Media's False Toyota Memes Turn Into a Swarm: BizzyBlog
Breitbart: Professors be warned, citizen-journalists on campus: BigJournalism
Seattle Radio Host Wants to Punch Out Ann Coulter, Octomom, Zach Effron, Others: RWN

Garofalo: Air America Too Nice To Succeed: Equalizer
Cheney's Words Are Dead-On: Leaf-Chronicle
Obama the Philosopher King: Times


Time for America to act on Iran: AT
Israel's New Fleet Of Super Drones Can Reach Iran: Mere Rhetoric
NATO neglect let Taliban rebuild: Times

Malmö Syndrome: LegalIns
A Retrospective on the War in Iraq: RWN
Are our targeters on the ground being willfully duped?: BrutHon

Rashad Hussain Admits Cover-up of Past Comments on Terrorist Prosecutions: BigGovt


Columnist revealed as company's non-existent CTO: CNet
Zoomies 2010 (Car Awards): JSOnline


AOTW Award: Denny
Where's Rosie Been Lately?: iOTW
Stimulus My "Arse": Jawa (NSFW)

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