Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Dems not fond of deceptive Obamacare plan

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The Left Will Try to Split the Conservative Vote: AT (Lewis)
Dems not fond of deceptive Obamacare plan: Riehl
More Social Engineering of the Military: Ace

GOP must not abet the Shamwow! summit: Red State
More documents show Pelosi lied about waterboarding: GWP
Administration harboring the enemy within: BMW

Holder stonewalls Congress on terror lawyers: WashExam
Corruptocrat Eric Holder's national security cover-up: Malkin
NAACP to honor Communist Van Jones: GWP

Various and Sundry: Pundette
Why Sarah Palin May Save America: PJM


Obama's Ides-of-March Moment is Near: AT
More On My Public Sector Fat Cat Obsession: BigGovt
Obama Health Care Plan Will Wreck Economy: GOPleader

Jobs bill? What jobs bill?: GM's Place
Nation's schools should follow R.I.'s example; crush unions: BigGovt
ObamaCare at Ramming Speed: WSJ

White House Payoffs for Unions Exposed: WashExam
ACORN’s Attorneys Stole $450,000 From Missouri Taxpayers: BigGovt
Obama's Federal Jobs: Good Work If You Can Get It: Times

Climate & Energy

Inhofe to ask DOJ for Climategate Investigation: PJM
Desperate Democrat Warmists Deep in Denial: AT
Barbara Boxer and EPA Administrator Throw IPCC Under the Bus: PJM

Al Gore is lying low -- for good reason. The law: AT
Al Gore's Nine Lies: IBD
Tea party snowmen protest lawmakers in Lansing, MI: BlogProf

Another Failing Biofuel “Miracle”: RWN


What do you expect with Obama?: AT
John Boehner’s Press Guy Humiliates The White House On Health Care: RWN
Limbaugh slams Glen Beck's CPAC speech: GWP

How to beat unlawful government actions: WashExam
A Cancer Grows at the Huffington Post: AT
Matthews Praises Communist Radical Saul Alinsky: GWP

Cheney Hospitalized With Chest Pains, Lefties Do Not Disappoint with Disgusting Response: RWN
Failed Midget Comic: Tea Partiers Are a Cult: RightPundits
Things I learned Watching the Joy Behar Show: Driscoll


Obama giving U.S. R&D to China: AT
Assassination Tango: Israeli sources say Mossad tried to kill al-Mabhouh twice before: Judith Miller
Israel is still America's strongest Mideast ally: WashExam

A lion of Al Qaeda in London: GoV
The Boy Sex Slaves of Afghanistan: TAB
UAE unaware of human trafficking allegations: Maktoob


It's Dumb To Pick on Bloggers, MagicJack Edition: InstaPundit
Why You Can’t Pry IE6 Out Of Their Cold Dead Hands: IT Expert Voice


Parma, Ohio man builds castle out of snow, proposes to girlfriend. She says...: HillBuzz
My Favorite Contest EVER: iOTW
Lil Wayne's $14 Million Dollar La Gorce Mansion: Insider

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