Saturday, February 20, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: It's All the Tea Parties' Fault

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It's All the Tea Parties' Fault: Malkin
Whoa: Obama Caught in a Major ACORN Lie: GWP
Holder: Yes, Nine DOJ Appointees Worked for Terrorists: Ace

DOJ Clears Bush Lawyers On Torture, Left Apoplectic: RWN
Project Vote: It Ain't the Voting, It's the Counting: BigGovt
Getting rid of gun control: Times

'Obama has chosen decline for America': RWN
Amy Bishop: Destitute and Crazy?: GrandRants
ACORN hit with new accusations: Fox

Obama supporter, socialist murderer says she's crazy: GWP


John Edwards, Mesothelioma Man, and Health Reform: AT
Government Stimulus a Huge Lie: AJStrata
Family breakdown and the nation's pocketbook: AT

Longtime Dem Consultant Torpedoed by Union Thugs: RWN
Obama: All Americans to Live on Debt: Langbert
Privatizing city schools could save millions: WyBlog

Climate & Energy

NASA: If you eat, travel or breathe, you're a cause of global warming: Virtuous
Surprising No One: Liberal Media Completely Embargoes Phil Jones Admissions: Ace
Bribes, Scamulus and More Green Fail: CBullitt

Follow the Climate Change Money Trail: Wizbang
Government fails at weather-stripping; wants to take over health care next: BlogProf
What Has Happened To Man-Made Global Warming?: AJStrata


Response to Olbermann: ‘People of color’ at Tea Parties: Haddock
Associated Press refuses propaganda released by... the White House?: Snapped Shot
Family Guy Actress Speaks Up on Taunting of Palin's Down Syndrome-Suffering Son: BlogProf

What Media Won’t Tell You: Doctors Are Challenging Government Health Care-and the AMA: BigGovt
Andrew Breitbart Slams Failed MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow: GWP
Meh: Pirate vs. Customer: C&S


Annals of the Mossad: What Happened in Dubai?: PJM
Iranian Regime Launches First Iranian-Built Destroyer: GWP
At what point does criticism of Israel become anti-Semitic?: Grobman

Middle East Terror and Double Standards: PJM
Obama’s New Name For Iraq War: RWN


MagicJack: Cheap, Way Overhyped, But Really Works: Mossberg
Spike In Power Grid Attacks Likely In Next 12 Months: Dark Reading


Tiger's Wood: Wizbang
Next is breathing air: SondraK
About Brie: C&S

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