Friday, February 19, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Marco Rubio Rocks the House at CPAC

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Marco Rubio Rocks the House at CPAC: GWP
The Other Stupid Things John Brennan Said: Malkin
Has the Democrats’ Civil War already begun?: HillBuzz

MO: Robin Carnahan’s Links to ACORN Revealed: GWP
5 Muslim soldiers attempt to poison food supply: AnBlackCon
Consent of the Governed: Denninger

Obama set to bypass will of the people: Wizbang
Education: Too Important for a Government Monopoly: Stossel
Census and the Constitution don't mix: Williams
A creepy--but hilarious--look inside the Obama cult: Taranto

Statists Indulge in Crisis Fantasy: RWN


Union Admits Buying Politician, Wants Money Back: RWN
What Does 'Racial Socialsm' Sound Like to You?: AT (Lewis)
My Stint as an Obama Apologist: JOM

It’s the communism, stupid: RWN
Party like its 1999! Are you Stimulated yet?: AT
Unions are Crippling Obama, Exhibit A: Kaus

Under Obamanomics, industry realizes that not everybody wins: WashExam
Expecting A Tax Refund? If You Live In HI, NC or (soon) NY, You'll Have To Wait: Zero Hedge

Climate & Energy

World’s biggest coal company brings U.S. government to court in climate fraud: ClimateGate
Climategate 2.0 — The NASA Files: PJM
The Top UN Climate Change Official Yvo De Boer Resigns, Leaving the UN Program in Disarray: FoxTeeth


Joseph Andrew Stack’s Facebook: Who is Emily Walters? : RightPundits
Latest Lefty Meme: Sarah Palin is... an Elitist: Ace
CPAC Interview: Jason Mattera responds to NYT accusation of racism: Hot Air

Bill O'Reilly on Guns: InstaPundit
George Will on Palin: InstaPundit
Andrew Joseph Stack lll, Fed Up With Taxes, Leaves Lengthy Suicide Note: iOTW

WaPo columnist: That insane pilot sounds kind of like a tea partier, huh?: Hot Air
WaPo Intentionally Omits Commie Plane Crasher’s Marxist Rant to Paint Him as Tea Party Protester: GWP
Noted Confederate Stronghold of Long Island Unthinkingly Elects Tea-Baggin’, Rethug Brownshirt!: Cold Fury

Racist, Bitter Clinger Blasts Obama Message Team And Calls Them Lazy: DPU
The other 79% are too stunned to come up with a snarky headline: RWN
Over to you, Strap-On...: Driscoll


Six Degrees of Assassination: PJM
Israeli Embassy Tweets About "Hit On #Dubai Target": LegalIns
Pat Condell on the Wilders Trial and the Crooked Judges of Amsterdam: AmerDig

Great: Iran Working on a Nuke Warhead, Despite '07 NIE Assurance They'd Entirely Abandoned Such Work: Ace
Nice. Obama Meets With Dalai Lama; Makes Him Leave Through Garbage Exit: GWP
The Saudi Pedophile Chronicles: PJM

Richard Reid: “I am at war with America.” Eric Holder: “You win!”: Cold Fury


MSFT: Malware crashed systems during Windows updates: CNet
Report: Jobs disses Adobe Flash as 'CPU hog': CNet


The 2010 Obama, the best Government Motors can do: HillBuzz
Your Tax Dollars At Work: DPU (Language)
"Representing either Italy...": Althouse

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