Sunday, February 14, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Answer to Socialism

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The Answer to Socialism: Doc Zero
Murtha: Requiem for a Corruptocrat: Malkin
Is Patches' seat a possible GOP pickup?: Barone

National Evil Association: Cold Fury
Only School Choice Will Keep Them Honest: PJM
Detroit Public Schools Finally Ends 'Social Promotion': BlogProf

Obama Responds to Massachusetts Miracle: Lizards
How the Plaintiffs Bar Bought the Senate: MI
A Further Inquiry Into Obama's Origins: AT

Maryland Gun Owners in Cross Hairs: Times
William Delahunt, you’re next contestant in losing game: Carr
The Murderous Socialist Prof and Rep. Delahunt: GWP


Paul Ryan's Lonely Challenge: Samuelson
Wet dreams from my lobbyist: LegalIns
U.S. Patent Activity for the Last 125 Years : Carpe Diem

Goldman's Record Profits Came At Taxpayer Expense: Zero Hedge
Obama: You Know Those Massive Deficits I Rang Up? Those Were Bush's Fault: GWP
The Two Americas: Public vs. Private Sector, the $159k Busdriver : Carpe Diem

Partisan Attacks Will Not Solve the Problem: Denninger
Microsoft's Craig Mundie: we should require "licenses" for internet use: Ace

Climate & Energy

Climategate's Phil Jones Confesses to Climate Fraud: AT
'Al Gore, Call Your Agent': Driscoll
Surprise–AGW Moonbats Running Cambridge MA: CBullitt


Hell Hath No More Childish Fury Than Andrea Mitchell and Robert Gibbs Scorned: RWN
'Impeach Obama' Billboard Spotted in Wisconsin: GWP
Conspiracy of Fear: The Left’s Program to Destroy the Tea Parties: RWN

“Conformo-Radicalism:” Strike A Pose, There’s Nothing To It: RWN
President Me! The Musical: YouTube
The Most Extreme Appointees in History: Baldwin


The Pending Implosion of Liberal Socialism: Strata-Sphere
The Taxi Drivers' Revolt: GoV
Uncivilization at U.C. Irvine: Stand With Us

Cartoon of Mohammad as a Pig Writing the Koran Causes Fear of Violence: Jawa
Now Iran Wants a Seat on the UN Human Rights Council: Rosett
Are Socialist Worker Militias Coming to a City Near You?: PJM

Obama Makes Excuses to do Nothing About Iran: JRubin
Obama’s Three-Part Path to Failure on Iran: JRubin
Is It Possible for a Practicing Muslim Soldier to Swear Allegiance to the U.S. Constitution?: AT


Pale Blue Dot: An Alien View Of Earth: NPR
A new Buzz start-up experience based on your feedback: Gmail Blog
Moonbat Scientists Prove That Beetles Don’t Like Rush Limbaugh: RWN


Celebrity Interlude: Blair
Okay, Here’s One For The Guys – The Ford Housecar – Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear!: iOTW
Nerds Win: Barbie Is a Computer Engineer: Topless Robot

"The appeal of socialism comes from more than just using money taken from the wealthy to buy the votes of the poor. It is also an expression of rage, from those who believe capitalism has treated them unfairly. Too many people seem quite willing to put up with a reduction in their modest standard of living, as long as they believe some faceless 'fat cats' are getting soaked. Those who follow the bitter politics of envy should understand that every system of ordering human affairs produces both the rich and the poor. In our current situation, what cats are fatter than the political elite? As of 2008, two-thirds of our Senators were millionaires, and all of them enjoy lavish perks, incredible benefits, and gold-plated retirements, including plush lobbying and consulting jobs… when they’re unlucky enough to fall through the few holes in a 90% incumbent re-election safety net. Many of our representatives, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, live like royalty by abusing their power. Every nickel of a politician’s fortune comes directly from your pocket, without your willing consent to purchase products or services." -- Doc Zero

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