Monday, February 22, 2010

It Should Have Been Enough

President Obama has presented his new health bill, which is a rehash of the old Democrat health bills. And rather than embracing his own rhetoric and advocating a bipartisan approach to solving the health care crisis, Obama has instead articulated threats, Chicago-style.

The Plum Line has the official White House position: "If the GOP filibusters health reform, Dems will move forward on their own and pass it via reconciliation."

In short, Republicans have no say in the bill and if they try to stop its more insane measures, Congress will use an illegal maneuver to nationalize one-sixth of the economy.

After This Threat...

After a threat like this, any Republican Who Attends The Obama Health Care and Public Sector Union Infomercial isn't operating with a full deck.

This direct threat from the White House invalidates any pretense of bipartisanship, collaboration and open dialogue.

We have an out-of-control federal government that is willing to break the rules of the Senate and ignore the will of the people -- even writing in clearly unconsitutional "one-way" laws that can't be reversed -- in order to install a Stalinist health care system.

It Should Have Been Enough

When angry voters, against all odds, elected a conservative Republican to fill Ted Kennedy's Senate seat because he'd explicitly campaigned on a pledge to block socialized medicine, it should have been enough.

When Democrats Evan Bayh, Patches Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Vern Tincher, Byron Dorgan, Brian Baird and Roland Burris abruptly announced they would not seek reelection -- because they knew the fate that awaited them -- it should have been enough.

When angry voters, defying every prediction, elected a fiscally conservative Republican as governor of New Jersey, it should have been enough.

When, on the same day, enraged voters swept Democrats out of virtually every state-wide office -- something that hadn't happened in a century -- it should have been enough.

When hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens showed up in Washington to protest socialized medicine and an out-of-control Congress, it should have been enough.

When tens of thousands of AARP members canceled their memberships in protest of their selling out senior citizens, it should have been enough.

When senior citizens, concerned voters and even young people showed up at town hall meetings last summer to ask their representatives why they wouldn't listen to them, it should have been enough.

When Bill Clinton lost Congress in 1994 after pushing his ill-fated HillaryCare initiative, it should have been enough.

When Harry Truman tried to sell national health insurance after the end of World War II, which Congress utterly rejected, it should have been enough.

When Franklin Roosevelt wanted national health insurance in 1935 but, despite his power over the Supreme Court and Congress, feared tying it to Social Security lest the whole package go down in flames, it should have been enough.

Enough! Enough!!!

Very soon now, the anger of the electorate will become palpable, resonating throughout the halls of Congress and echoing among the monuments of D.C.

We. Have. Had. Enough.

And that's change you can believe in.

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VAGAL for Palin said...

You are spot on! Very well said. I am definitely passing this around.

Anonymous said...

What "conservative Republican"? If you think Scott Brown is conservative you haven't been paying attention.