Monday, February 22, 2010

Did you think the California teachers' pensions were out of control? Wait 'til you check out Illinois. I laughed, I cried, this changed my life.

While the California teachers' unions are effectively destroying one school system after another, an alert commenter pointed me to some even more shocking news from Illinois. Their pension system for educators is -- if you can believe it -- even farther off the reservation.

Using actuarial calculations from the Teachers' Retirement System (TRS), Champion News reports that the total estimated pension liability for the top 100 retirees will equal...

Make sure you're sitting down.



You read this right. The top 100 retirees, by themselves, will cost Illinois taxpayers nearly one billion dollars.

I can think of only one possible, rational reaction.

Beleaguered Taxpayer #1: We must do something. He's serious this

Beleaguered Taxpayers: -He's right.
-You're right. We got to do something.
-Know what we gotta do?

Beleaguered Taxpayer #2: Toga party.

Beleaguered Taxpayer #1: We're tens of billions in debt! We can't afford to have a toga party.

Beleaguered Taxpayer #2: You guys up for a toga party?

Beleaguered Taxpayer #3: -Toga! Toga!

Beleaguered Taxpayer #2: -They like the idea.

Beleaguered Taxpayer #1: Please don't do this.

Beleaguered Taxpayer #3: I've got news for you, pal. The SEIU is going to screw us, no matter what we do.

Beleaguered Taxpayer #2: So we might as well have a good time.

Beleaguered Taxpayers: Toga! Toga! Toga!

(Chanting louder and louder)

(All chanting)


VAGAL for Palin said...'s for the children!I have to say...I puked.

Alz said...

Your welcome!

Anonymous said...

Wondering what the num$ers are for the 'retirees' from Congress and the Senate.

McGumpher said...

So, teachers - as we have been told over the years are vastly underpaid until they retire, then they get to live like kings and queens?

Anonymous said...

That chart says administrators, not teachers. Administrators are an entirely different creature.