Thursday, February 18, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: 'Stop Being a Jackass With This Third-Party Crap'

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Palin: Stop Being a Jackass With This Third-Party Crap: Ace
The Re-Establishment of America: AT
King had a Dream, but Blacks now Face a Nightmare: AT

Where did our real wealth go?: Hanson
President Incompetent: AT
Biden: jobs will come in second year of Stimulus: BlogProf

Napolitano Meets with Muslim Brotherhood Leaders: PJM
Principle and Action: Doc Zero
Palin to tea partiers: You’re going to have to choose: Hot Air

Pence takes a trip to... New Hampshire: Ace


Toyota and the Union-Backed, Government-Led Witch Hunt: BigGovt
One Year Ago I Saved The Economy: LegalIns
Lone Voice Warns of Debt Threat to U.S.: FT

One year of failure: the Stimulus: GWP
Planning to Fail: AT
Cali Bar Goes After 400 Lawyers: Insider

The Future is Greek: Slate
Obama Spends Money on Commission Charged With Stopping Obama From Spending So Much Money: Powers
Best Health Care in the World: Denny

Climate & Energy

Virginia challenges EPA on climate policy: Ace
Big Business Jumps Ship from the S.S. Climate Change: PJM
Bill Gates, Environmental Kook: AT


Barney Frank Explains Congress’ Worst Job Approval Poll Ever: Voters are Idiots: Powers
Dissent crushed: CO Dem Sen. candidate fires Pat Caddell for speaking truth: Malkin
Figures. Michelle Obama Stocked White House Library with Books on Socialism: GWP

Is White House Attorney Involved in Possible Media Cover-up?: Verum
Krauthammer: Mussolini Could Beat Senator Blanche Lincoln Right Now: GWP
Strap-On Defends MSNBC's 'White Power' Lineup: Mediate

Oh My: College Acquaintance of Obama's Says That, in 1980, Obama Was a "Pure Marxist Socialist": Ace
Congrats to Michelle Malkin: Hot Air Sold to Salem: Powers


Hamas-Linked ISNA “Facilitated” Brennan’s NYU Speech: NewsReal
The Streets of Tehran and Washington: PJM
Obama cuts US space program, orders NASA to work with Muslim countries: Creeping Sharia

Eleven-Man Team Assassinates Hamas Commander: PJM
Clearing the Deck?: TAB
Passports of Hamas murder suspects not fake: Maktoob


The Hits Keep on Coming: Wizbang
Fitness devices coaxes users into action: Springwise
The “Swagger Wagon” — The Perfect Toyota To Go Shark Jumping In: Driscoll


Bet You Can't Eat Just One!: Driscoll
Obama Saves or Creates Jobs at CafePress : JWF
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