Sunday, February 21, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama declares legislative war

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Obama declares legislative war: LegalIns
Warming up the Clinton Smear Machine: Diogenes
Health Care Nuclear Option: Liberals Ready to Launch: Foundry

John Bolton on the Obama Administration: RWN
Reconciliation, the public option, and Demcare revival: Malkin
The Drama Of The Shafted Child: Driscoll

Evan Bayh's Motivations: Patterico
Dem Opts For Palin Speech, Valerie Jarrett Is Not Amused: Riehl
Seen and Heard at CPAC: Beck Delivers Stemwinder: Tapscott


Why Public Sector Unions Must Be Banned: Tapscott
Scott Brown's Money Bomb Chart: EngageDC
The Dept. of Labor Should Go: Times

Kaus: Unions are Crippling Obama: RWN
The Government is Looking to Raid Your Retirement: Wizbang
GM puts your tax money to work: Patterico

Thanks, Barack: Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs; 4 Million Lose Their Jobs Under Obama: GWP
Want to know how to really astroturf a movement? Ask Democrat moneymen Varoga and Rakis: WashExam
Make Only Minimum Credit Card Payments And Your Heirs Will Still Be Paying in 3510: Consumerist

Climate & Energy

The Failure of Computer Models: Watts
Time to Turn Up the Heat on the Warmists: AT
Virginia AG vs. the EPA: Times

Climategate: What's Wrong with this Picture?: AT


Not Buying the Democrats’ Excuses: JRubin
Glenn Beck: Our Hope is to Abolish Progressivism: RWN
Rant of the Week: Breitbart on the Media: AmerDigest

The Shroud of Contempt: Doc Zero
Breitbart Confronts Blumenthal at CPAC: BigJournalism
Keith Olbermann owes Ann Coulter an apology: Mediaite

Conservatives must avoid complacency: Tapscott
Bill O'Reilly on Obama Bashing and Socialism; Rush Limbaugh on O'Reillys Pandering: Maggie


A new envoy to the United Nations of Islam: WashExam
Iran: One Step Closer to the Bomb: Timmerman
The Dutch Cabinet Has Fallen: GoV

The Imam says Geert Wilders is Hitler : GoV
Meir Dagan: the mastermind behind Mossad's secret war: Times of London
Spain's Socialist Government Blames Economic Crisis on ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Conspiracy: PJM

CAIR national board member deported for terrorist ties: Jawa
The Sweet Sound of an Immigrant’s Success: PJM


The Murky Business of Measuring Web Traffic: WSJ
Mission creep: NASA, by order of Obama, plans more outreach to Muslim countries: BlogProf


Left-Wing Rally Bingo: iOTW
Maple Sugar: MaggiesFarm
Olympic Snowboarding Medalist Scotty Lago Racy Pics Causing a Stir, Forces Athlete To Leave: BlogProf

COTD: The obvious next step is to simply mount government owned speed and movement sensors right in the car. A dashboard mounted printer can spit out infraction notices as required... Once a Police State is out of control there is no limit to how far out of control it will go. We the people, formerly called Citizens but now known only as Consumers, have been swindled into surrendering our Sovereign power to a cabal of corporate thugs. They will do anything required to hold onto power.

Let me ask you this. Twenty years ago would you have believed that the US government would ever take ownership of GM, or that they would give 100 billion dollars to an insurance company, or that they would purchase 90% of all new mortgages or that they would run a 2 Trillion Dollar deficit while funneling hundreds of billions to Wall Street? All of this would have seemed inconceivable to me. Except for the vestiges of civil rights we still possess we are literally turning into the old USSR where our entire economy is run by central government command. -- 'Steve'

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