Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I demand a background check for the Missile Defense Agency's logo designer

Check out the home page of the Missile Defense Agency.

The logo -- or actually the mark, to be precise -- seems a tad familiar.

Compare and contrast:

The star and crescent "is most widely recognized as a symbol of Islam... [and a] number of Muslim-majority nations, such as Algeria, Tunisia, Comoros, Mauritania, Malaysia, Pakistan, Maldives, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and non-sovereign nations such as East Turkestan use it on their national flag."

If it were up to me, the logo would consist of a terrorist getting his head blown off, but then that's only one man's opinion.

Update: Dan Riehl has more.

Hat tip: Mike M.


Anonymous said...

Wow, at first I thought it looked a lot like little Barry's hopey/changey symbol......now with an islamic twist.

Jay Tea said...

My first thought was it was kind of Star-Trekky.

The second was that it looked a little like a football helmet.

Crescent and star? Not so much.

datatribe said...

@Anonymous - yeah ,me too.

@Jay Tea.... hmm... I'm not even squinting and I see the crescent with the little white star burst on it.

But... I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

Jay Tea said...

OK, on further reflection, I see the blue is crescenty, and there is a starburst in the blue, but when I first looked at it, the red swoop dominated my perception.

Still think it's too much of a stretch. After all, concepts like "high-tech" and "innovation" and "defense" are not exactly concepts I associate with Islam... ever notice how they don't really have too much of their own tech and weaponry, but have to use the tools of the infidels to wage their wars?


Douglas E Harman said...

looks like the Islamic twist on the BO logo