Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: An Ideologue Without Pity

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Porkulus II, Scott Brown and the Voinovich Pay-off: Malkin
White House Contradicts CBO, Fibs on Rate Increases: Verum
Jam the Bill Through While Using Republicans as Props: RWN

All you need to know about ObamaCare 2.0: Toldjah
Confirmed: Obama Losing Iowa's Independents: SIGIS
Laying a Trap for Republicans: Times

White House Violated Federal Election Law: RWN
Holder Stonewalls Congress... Again!: York
Confusion Reigns on Obama Plan: Daily Caller

ObamaCare in Two Words: LegalIns
House Dem pours cold water on ObamaCare 2.0: WashExam
ObamaCare 2.0 does indeed fund abortions: BlogProf


An Ideologue Without Pity: HNN
ACORN Crime Family Begins Rebranding Effort: BigGovt
Backing Losers, Shackling Winners: Obama;s Industrial Policy: AT

Only in NJ: "retire", collect a fat buyout check, and keep your job: WyBlog
Recovery via Spending Cuts, Low Taxes, and Cheaper Government: AT
Talk Tough and Pass the Buck: Times

Government Grab of Retirement Accounts a Matter of 'Social Justice': PJM
ObamaCare 2.0 Is Still a Government Takeover: PJM
Rep. Steve King on ACORN's Collapse: BigGovt

MI Teacher's Union Demands Higher Taxes: BlogProf
Dem Congressman Laughs Out Loud at Pledge of Allegiance Suggestion at SEIU Meeting: GWP

Climate & Energy

Obama's clean energy ploy: trap for the GOP: AT
American Journalists MIA on Global Warming: PJM
An Interview with Dr. Manfred Aufgeblasener-Schwätzer, Climate Scientist: Solway

UN's Love Guru Pachauri Applies Green to the Golf Course: RWN


Levin to Beck: Stop Dividing Us: Equalizer
BBC blasted for ‘bigoted fear-mongering’: JPost
Party Time for the Right: Spectator

Message Discipline: Progressive Bloggers at the White House: LegalIns
Bus Brawl Antihero: The New Bernie Goetz?: Zombie
Paul Krugman: Two-Bit Ideologue: RCP

Obama Doubles-Down on Failure: Kesler
Sacrifice: the Governor's Ball: Powers
WTF? Newt Gingrich is 'Model' for Tea Parties?: AmPower

Dallas Tea Party Group Gives Strap-On Keith a Diversity Wedgie: Powers
Needed: an English-to-Democrat Dictionary: BigGovt


The Dazzling Abstractions Of Totalitarianism, Then And Now: Driscoll
What the IAEA Knew: The U.N. agency charged with stopping nuclear proliferation enabled it.: Forbes (Bayefsky)
What do Muslim nations think about terrorists?: AT

Victory Ignored: RWN
Figures. White House Muslim Envoy Is a Radical, Too… Lied About Supporting Terror Suspect: GWP
Child bride ban 'bad for Saudi society': Maktoob

Uncovering Solomon's Wall: TAB


Olympic SEO Poisoning: Sophos
Q&A: Alex Cox, Discoverer of Today's Massive Botnet Attack: BankTech
Sayonara, Sci Fi?: Grand Rants


Don't Hate Him Because He's Beautiful: iOTW
Real racism: Rapper Jay-Z bans white people from nightclub bash: BlogProf
I Won a Hip Replacement!: iOTW

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