Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: No, Ma’am, we don’t want you back in the Senate

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One Year Since the Porkulus Protest: Malkin
Obama Twitter Feed Controlled by George Soros?: S&L
Black Panther non-prosection payback?: Times

No, Ma’am, we don’t want you back in the Senate: GayPatriot
McCain and Hayworth: Tale of the Tape: AT
Barack Obama: Imaginary Friend of Democrats: AmDig

Democrats Don't Trust Americans: RWN
Bayh's Seat: Advantage Dems: Riehl
Why Citizens United Helps Grassroots: AT

Jihad: The Political Third Rail -- At CPAC: AT
NRCC's Young Guns: RWN


Study: Dems Cost US $2.36 Trillion in Oil Money: GWP
Debt and Deficit: HillBuzz
Going Out of Business Sale [Photo]: Fausta

Oh my: just 6% of U.S. believes Stimulus created jobs: GWP
Detroit Mayor Dave Bing: I can fix Detroit... for $1 Billion!: BlogProf
Trial Bar to Obama: Don't Even Think About Tort Reform: Hill

Don't count your chickens, GOP: Limbaugh
Class War: How public servants became our masters: Reason
After Doomsday, What?: Times

Climate & Energy

The Scandal of the Century Deepens: Malkin
Climategate: Phil Jones Still Has More Reflecting To Do: PJM
The Red-Hot Scam Unravels: Times


Leftists: Evan Bayh is 'Immoral': LegalIns
God and Government: MNR
George Will: Cut strings on Democrat dependency agenda: BlogProf

Interviewing Thomas Sowell on Intellectualism: RWN
Liberals Say U.S. Is Ungovernable. Again.: AT
When You've Lost David Brooks...: NewsBusters

Newsweak: hey, terrorists, didja hear that we captured all this really cool stuff?: SIGIS
Crowley vs. Jones -- No Contest: JRubin
Is Glenn Beck a Bailout-and-Fed Supporter?: Langbert

Two Decades of Classic Bidenisms: Hanson
Steele: Dems are 'running for the hills': PuffHo


What if they got away?: JRubin
Secret Joint Raid Captures Taliban’s Top Commander: Jawa
Al Qaeda's Rolodex captured on way to Yemen: Prairie

Mr. Obama Speaks to the Muslim World, Again: Bad Rachel
Obama's Homeland Security Assessment Avoids the Dreaded I-Word: JWF
Don't Show This to Orly Taitz: Surber

English-speaking terrorists only, please: SIGIS
Sharia in Ohio: Atlas
Iran: Are the Saudis in Secret Talks with Israel?: PJM

In the case of John Brennan (and Part II): Power Line
Collapse of the Euro is 'Inevitable': Daily Mail (UK)
Stacking the Deck Against Chevron in Ecuadoran Lawsuit: PJM


Ballmer banks on Windows Phone 7 for the future: CNet
Please queue here for the next phish: Sophos


Life 2.0: JoshuaPundit
Love Notes: Parkway Rest Stop
Flashlight transforms into submachine gun: Boing Boing



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