Thursday, February 25, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Pre-Summit... Landrieu Says GOP Disingenuous

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Pre-Summit: Landrieu Says GOP Disingenuous: SIGIS
Dems run Bayh, normal Americans out of town: WashExam
Explosives Theft Qualifies As Near-Miss for USA: BMW

73% say Congress should start over on ObamaCare: Hot Air
GOP: beware the trap of 'limited' reform: PJM
Lying Sack of Botox!: BlogProf

Lights! Cameras! Health care Oba-kabuki!: Malkin
It's Official: Paterson Needs to Resign: JWF
Worse than Awful: AT

ObamaCare: Plan B — for backbiting: Patterico
As Despotic As They Need to Be: AT
They just don't have the votes: York


Obama recovery plan in one simple graph: AmDigest
An Orchestrated Campaign Against Toyota in Overdrive?: Blumer
ObamaCare: Blood From a Stone: BigGovt

Obamacare Includes Massive Tax Hike: RWN
Failed States: Escape from New York: WashExam
Safe Schools Czar gets $410M of Your Money for Radical Agenda: GWP

Census Bureau to Kids: Tell Your Parents We Won’t Tell INS: PJM
Lame White House “Photo of the Day”: Tim Geithner Grocery Shopping with Michelle Obama?: Frugal Cafe
Ya think? Bernanke warns on debt: Times

Climate & Energy

Fuel Cell Maker Creating Hype For Product That Won't Work As Advertised: BlogProf
Inhofe Targets AGW, Will Media Report?: Strata-Sphere


ABC News staggers to the tar pits: Moonbattery
President Sarah Palin: BigJournalism
Rush Accepts Responsibility for Kornheiser's Suspension by ESPN: EIB

Disingenuous or stupid, Hendrik Hertzberg calls Rush Limbaugh a disgusting race-baiter: Althouse
WaPo Blog Lumps Black Conservatives In With Mass Murdering Dictators: GWP
Strap-on Preempted by Curling, Howard Kurtz Hit Hardest: Ace

Levin: Obama is Biggest Disaster in American History: GWP
Max "Booger Boy" Blumenthal Picks A Winner: Riehl
Ohio ABC TV Station Presents Democrat Press Release as News Story: RWN


When did the Presbyterian Church Cease to be Christian?: Jawa
Before you boycott Israel...: Jawa
Shocka: Hamas Founder's Son Spied for Israel: LGF

Is the Iranian Revolution Dead? Have the Mullahs Won?: Ledeen
Seven Cuban Doctors Sue Cuba, Venezuela For Slavery: GWP
Australia warns Israel over Dubai murder link: Maktoob

Russia: How's that 'Reset Button' Working?: RWN
Obama's Socialism: AT


New Looks for Old Garage Doors: AmDigest
Techno-Thrills: C&S


"Perhaps I should apologize for not killing you": Wizbang
Science: C&S
My kind of party: SondraK

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