Friday, February 19, 2010

President Obama Convenes "Deficit Commission" to Probe Reasons for Massive Deficit Plus Invent More New Taxes, Regulations and SEIU-staffed Agencies



If you're the leader of the Democrat Party, whose policies have already bequeathed a deficit of about $105 trillion in massive stimulus programs, unfunded entitlement programs and immense regulatory bureaucracies, then the answer is "new taxes". What did you expect? Slashing the size of government?

Yesterday President Obama signed an executive order establishing a 'deficit commission' to investigate remedies (read: new taxes) in order to pretend to address the problem.

The possibilities for new revenue sources are nearly endless:

A VAT tax is "on the table", according to Nancy Pelosi.

A 'Cap-and-Trade' system for rationing energy would raise about $846 billion in new revenue for the government while passing costs on to every American, rich and poor.

New health care taxes are also looming, which amount to several hundred billion in additional taxes.

Confiscation of private 401(k) and pension plans is also on the menu, according to Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor.

Slashing the size of government is an impossibility for the modern Democrat Party because it is the government. The paper-pushing federal bureaucracies are the Democrat Party.

There are no limits to the growth of the government. Because sending 50% to 60% of your labor to the government isn't enough for this crew. The SEIU wants more.

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